Convert BTC TO ADA Safely With These Tips

Trading firms have started their negotiation in trading cryptocurrencies over Skype. It caters to big investors looking to refrain from weak online exchanges. Around 20 traders and clients have invested their trust in the Over-the-counter (OTC) market that deals with hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies daily. Reuters also stated that this is done via online messaging services. In this article, we have shared some exchange steps if you plan to convert BTC to ADA.

Volume Spike

Michael Moro, the Chief Executive of Genesis, said that on average, Genesis handles $75 million to $80 million daily trades and recently hit $1.5 billion and $2 billion records. Boston-based Circle had a record of $4 billion monthly OTC trades, said the spokeswoman Jennifer Hanley.

Most investors contact the traders directly but require firms to undergo a background check. Cho said that Skype was chosen when a globally accessible tool was required. Still, some deals are shifting from this platform to mainstream ones.

Regulatory muddle

OTC desks lack proper terms and regulations. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission addresses Bitcoin, a commodity, while the Securities and Exchange Commission termed cryptocurrencies as securities.

Registered with the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a broker cum dealer, Genesis offers seven coin trading and, just like other organizations, records the conversations of the trader with the client. Moro said they are highly regulated enough to be in the digital currency space.

Hanley said that the Circle OTC desk trades only limited cryptocurrencies that fit their regulatory licenses. The team works closely with the regulators to keep up the transparency. In addition, Cumberland trades around 25-30 cryptocurrencies, DRW spokeswoman said.

Bear markets require proper knowledge, unlike the rest.

Bear Markets Are The Best

The newbies believe a common notion that if your alt bags drown, you will have to wait or do something else until favorable conditions roll in. As you deploy this theory, you will be on the top when conditions align in.

It is not mandatory for the bitcoin to be high but to move if the user expects profits. A short time frame leads to risks of getting liquidated. However, the payday walks close by. Watch out for recent trading altcoins because bitcoin chooses the align with the rest of the market.

Technical Analysis

No trader would think about the future in trading without knowing the basics. You can use Bitmex’s test net to experiment.

Though you don’t have to be a pro, strong basics will help your entry and exit get better, and when favorable conditions occur, you will stand a better chance than the rest.

The Game of ICO Detective

With an excessive loss on the go, the hit moment gets the investors savvy. Wait and spot the bear trap, and that’s what the experienced ICO researchers do.


If your trade business is low, it’s high time you get a job. We mean, a crypto job. The recruitment for such positions in the crypto community is ongoing, so go ahead. Even if it isn’t what you fancied, you will be paid enough. Ensure you are associated with trustworthy platforms like, LetsExchange, and Coinbase.

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