Convert Different File Formats To PDF Using Gogopdf

There may be times that you need to convert different file formats into PDF. In that case, you can use your Microsoft Suite or any other Word processors you have on your computer. But that challenge comes when there is a need to convert PDF into another file format. Worse, what if you do not have any available software on your device that can help you with such tasks.

Do not panic yet because we have some good news for you! You can find all these conversion tools on one website: Gogopdf. It is a cloud-based tool that can help you, not only convert files into another format but also optimizing and editing your files. No need to download anything since you can access this website using any browser and device. Let’s talk about the different conversion tools that you can use for free. Read on so you can pick up a few tricks when it comes to organizing your e-files!

  1. Convert Word to PDF

This is the most common type of conversion, yet not all devices support it. Gogopdf solves this by allowing you to convert Word to PDF online. The PDF format comes in handy whenever you need to share a file. It protects the elements and data in your file by maintaining the integrity of the file’s original format, no matter what device you use to access the file. In line with this, you can also encrypt your PDF files with a password to add another layer of protection.

To start, go to the Word to PDF tool. Upload the file that you want to convert into a PDF file or drag the file into the box provided. You only need to wait a few seconds before Gogopdf automatically converts the file into PDF. After that, you should be able to download the file with no hassles.

  1. Convert HTML to PDF

This is another tool that not everyone knows about. What if your boss asks you to create a PDF file of a specific webpage? The first thing that you might do is to try to screenshot the page. But with Gogopdf, you only need two clicks to finish the task. Thanks to Gogopdf’s automatic settings, you do not need to customize anything before converting. This website will do all the job for you.

To start converting, copy the link of the HTML, then paste it in the conversion box. After that, the server will automatically process the conversion. All that is left for you to do is to sit back and wait for the final file. You should be able to download the PDF file after a few seconds.

  1. Convert PPT to PDF

Whether we like it or not, creating slideshow presentations has become part of our lives. You might use this format to present some data, create a portfolio, or organize your file. With the number of elements that you can add to your presentation, like images and graphs, sharing a slideshow presentation can be complicated because of the file size. Furthermore, not all devices support the Powerpoint format, even though almost everyone is familiar with it. Before sharing those files, preserve the elements by converting them into a PDF file. With Gogopdf’s speed processing and top-level accuracy, users can enjoy high-quality PDF presentations in a matter of seconds!

To start converting, go to the PPT to PDF tool. Upload the slideshow presentation, then click Convert. Similar to the previous methods, you only have to wait a few minutes for Gogopdf to process your request. After that, you should be able to download the file to your device or share it with your colleagues via email or social media accounts.

  1. Convert JPG to PDF

Is your device running low in storage? A huge factor might be the number of images that are saved in it. If you are not ready to let go of those images, you can create an image library by combining them into a single PDF. With Gogopdf’s JPG to PDF tool, you can create a catalog of your image library in a few seconds. Retaining the file’s original resolution will not be a problem with this website. Aside from JPG images, the server also supports other image formats like GIF, BMP, TIFF, and PNG formats.

To start, go to the JPG to PDF tool. If you are processing more than one image, we suggest that you use the drag and drop feature to make the upload faster. Once the images are up, you can rearrange them first before converting. Click convert when you are satisfied with the arrangement and wait for the PDF file.

  1. Convert different PDF files into other formats

Need to extract some data in your PDF file and put them into another format? Why not convert them instead of manually retyping everything. The website supports Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, PNG, and PDF/A files. To start, go to Tools and select the one that you need. Upload the PDF file, then wait for the final format.

Gogopdf has simplified the process of editing and converting files. Bookmark this tool today and try it out yourself!

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