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Are you wondering which exchange offers the best rates and most convenient procedure for converting HNT to AVAX? This guide will reveal how to swap Helium to Avalanche effortlessly in 2022 by using an anonymous and reliable crypto exchange.

Avalanche (AVAX) and Helium (HNT) Price Comparison

Helium is a blockchain-powered network that aims to serve the Internet of Things. It enables low-powered Wi-Fi unit communication and data transfers across its nodes. The founders specify that the idea of the Helium network is to optimize IoT communication by discovering and working on its imperfections.

While we can trace Helium’s history to 2013, it appeared on the market in June 2020. Its value was $0.25 at the time, and the currency never dropped back to its initial worth. The first price jump occurred in August 2020, when the HNT value went up to $1.6. Then, the crypto maintained an impressive stability level with long-term value increases in 2021. In May, HNT was worth $16.58 and then went to $26.31 in August. It’s worth noting there were some value drops in between, but that only indicated the currency was stabilizing.

Another huge jump occurred in November 2021, when the entire crypto market boomed. That’s when Helium reached an all-time high of $55.22. The value returned to around $30 in December, but 2022 is meant to be an exciting year for this currency. It’s worth monitoring its trade value on Godex in the coming months since it could be profitable.

As for Avalanche, this blockchain is a direct competition to Ethereum. It stores smart contracts and decentralized software, and it’s made huge progress since its first launch in 2020. AVAX had an encouraging $4 worth when it entered the market. It took a couple of months to hit things off, but Avalanche achieved $55.3 in February 2021.

The next thing you notice in the AVAX price history trend is that there are stabilizing months after price jumps. That’s why it took months for Avalanche to stabilize before the next increase. In autumn 2021, its value went up to $146 but returned to about $90 in December. Despite that fall, AVAX is still a promising altcoin.

Helium and Avalanche are an exciting trading pair. If you want to trade them, make sure to pick a reliable exchange with attractive rates.

How to Swap HNT to AVAX in 2022

Did you know that it takes only five steps and merely minutes to trade as much Helium to Avalanche coins as you like? If that sounds good, here is what to do:

  1. Head to the Godex exchange and pick the desired currencies. You can visit this page to start the HNT to Avax swap. The important thing is to get the “Send” and “Get” fields right. You need Helium to be in the “Send” and Avalanche in the “Get” field. Make sure to enter the number of HNT coins to exchange. Also, check the rate offered by Godex to confirm you are comfortable with it.
  2. Enter your wallet details. You need a crypto wallet that accepts AVAX. Enter the public key and make sure you copied it properly. Otherwise, you risk losing your coins in the process.
  3. The deposit address will show on the next screen. You need to send Helium tokens to that address. The system will confirm the transaction to validate the arrival.
  4. Receive crypto at the specified rate. Godex will soon send AVAX to the chosen wallet. You can check to see if the funds have arrived.
  5. Analyze the transaction and repeat it if necessary. You can get all details on the final transaction page. If you want to convert more HNT to AVAX, you can repeat the operation.

The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than minutes. If you want to convert more HNT to AVAX, it’s easy to repeat the operation.

Why Godex Is the Best Place to Exchange HNT to AVAX

What makes Godex a reliable platform for crypto traders? Here are the main benefits it offers:

  • No rate change for 30 minutes. Godex doesn’t only offer great rates, but they also lock them for 30 minutes. That means you’ll get the promised rate within the specified timeframe.
  • You can trade anonymously. Anonymity and privacy are the core crypto ideas, and Godex supports them.
  • Excellent and fixed trade rates. Godex always strives to offer the best rates for its traders.
  • Forget about trading limits. You can make as many transactions since Godex offers an unlimited volume.
  • More than 300 coins are available. Apart from the HNT to Avax trading pair, you can also convert between hundreds of other crypto tokens.

Godex did a fine job in delivering many features traders appreciate, which is why it has positioned itself as a trustworthy DEX exchange.

Final Thoughts

Helium and Avalanche can be a tempting trading pair for short-term and long-term traders. You’ll benefit from excellent rates offered by Godex, but also the platform’s simplicity. It offers anonymous and fast transactions with unlimited volumes. That makes this exchange the best choice for converting HNT to AVAX and trading other cryptos!

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