Deliver Healthy and Gluten-free food at Your Doorstep

Meal delivery planning is a convenient way to have a gluten-free meal. One can choose a weekly meal and have it delivered to their doorstep immediately.

When to choose a gluten-free option

Gluten-free foods have simple rules. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as it looks, but you can eat all gluten-free foods. Due to its technical properties, gluten is used in most processed foods and is hidden in places we never imagined.

A gluten-free diet helps control the symptoms of celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine when eating gluten-containing foods.

Following a gluten-free diet is to follow a natural diet and lead a healthy life because celiacs look at labels more than anyone else, avoid processed foods and follow a market diet,” explains Serrano. Beyond just buying gluten-free bread and pasta, there are many other tricks and rules in the kitchen for a celiac.

Celiac disease is not the same as gluten intolerance or wheat allergy. Gluten intolerance or hypersensitivity can cause symptoms similar to celiac disease, but gluten hypersensitivity does not harm the small intestine.

Gluten sensitivity

It is the mildest form of gluten intolerance, but it is also the most widespread disorder related to the consumption of wheat & co. The symptoms are very similar to those of celiac disease, but not being easily diagnosed as a real pathology it is also more sneaky.

 In addition to classic disorders such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, muscle and joint pain, tiredness, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, irritation etc. may appear. To probe gluten sensitivity, if diagnostic tests are negative, you can face an exclusion diet. Avoid gluten-containing foods for a week, then reintroduce them and evaluate the body’s reaction based on symptomatology.

 If the symptoms disappear gluten-free and then reappear, you are almost certain that it is this type of intolerance. To detoxify it is good to remove gluten from your diet for at least a month, so as to clean up the organism. Then resume its consumption, but following a low-gluten diet,it would be better to avoid it altogether, choosing cereals and other gluten-free foods.

Wheat allergy is a reaction of the immune system that causes a person to experience an allergic reaction to foods or beverages that contain wheat or wheat protein. Barley, oats, and rye may also contain wheat protein. Not all wheat allergic patients are allergic to the gluten contained in wheat products.

Meal delivery service mechanism

The gluten free delivery generally offers a weekly plan that allows a person to choose a weekly meal. Meals are then delivered to a person’s door in a single package that can be stored in the refrigerator before they are consumed.

Different services can serve meals in different ways. For example, a meal kit contains ingredients that customers need to prepare and cook according to the recipes they include. Other food delivery boxes contain side dishes that customers can cook in the microwave or cook quickly.

Easy to cook

A meal kit that can be easily cooked using organic products. There is a rich gluten-free dinner menu that includes the following dishes:

• Mediterranean lemon chicken with baby broccoli, artichokes, and olives

• Grilled shrimp paella and tomatoes and peppers

• Spicy Mexican meatball soup with pumpkin, cabbage, and coriander

• Lentils, mushrooms, apricot burgers, and arugula salad

One can choose to receive two, three, or four recipes a week, which results in two to four servings per recipe.

  • Customers choose two or more midnight snacks for weekly deliveries. You also have the option to choose breakfast, lunch, and weekly delivery of add-ons.
  • You can cancel the plan at any time and skip the week when the person does not need the delivery.
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  • A meal that can be warmed by one person in just 3 minutes. They also serve dishes that meet a wide range of dining needs.

You can order gluten-free meals. People with celiac disease or severe gluten intolerance can apply safely.

  • One can choose the meals they want to receive each week from the optional weekly rotation. If you change the delivery before the week deadline, you can skip or cancel the week.

Meals included:

• Stunning Pennepest

• Pad Thai with coconut noodles

• Chipotle chicken stew

Here’s an example of a gluten-free green chef’s diet:

• Creamy chimichurri chicken

• Minced pumpkin latkes

• Pork chop with tahini sauce

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