Design ideas for your home windows

Want to install a window in a room in your home ? Whether new or replaced, an artistically designed window brings out the beauty of your home. The most difficult thing is often to choose the  right model. But thanks to this article, you will get some design ideas for  your  windows.

When to install a window in your home ?

Windows, roller shades, just like doors, are must-have home accessories. The style of construction of the latter particularly reflects the aesthetics of both interior and exterior of a house. Their installation is done during  construction work with a design proposed by the architect or engineer. But it is proven that the chosen style loses its value over time. That is why it is important to place new ones.

Some install “new” windows, but others place replacement windows. The first are proposed when the owner of a house wants to change the dimensions of existing windows. The frame already installed is then  unsuitable, and a new window must be designed. The seconds on the other hand intervene when the dimensions are similar, and the frame adapted.

Which windows are installed in your home ?

The designs are numerous, and it goes to everyone’s taste. Here are some window design ideas that should beautify the decor of your home.

Sliding or coffered guillotine windows

The sliding windows open by means of a sliding mechanism. Fora long time, they were very popular in Britain. Even today, they are widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries, and constitute a legacy of the 1960s. They are suitable for both wood frames and PVC frames.

Casement windows

They are very suitable for replacement windows, and have a wide range of designs. Consisting of casements attached to a frame  thanks to the hinges, casement  windows are made of glass and lead. Until the arrival of sliding windows, they remained the preferred  choice of the British. A very advantageous point  in their use is their lifespan. They deteriorate slowly, and adapt to any type of decor.

Transom windows

The particularity of these windows comes from the fact that they let in more light than their  peers. They are  designed in different shapes and designs, and perfectly fit the aesthetics of the room.

Image windows

If you want to have a beautiful view of the outside, you must choose  this type of  window. They are  recommended in areas with beautiful scenery, which you can admire from your living room. They  are mainly made of glass, and do not have a protective grid.

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