Difference between eroge and sex cam games on cam girl sites

Eroge and sex cam games are terms often used interchangeably, but if you want to be technical, they are quite different.  While you’d find eroge and sex cam game on cam girl sites, users often find it quite confusing to differentiate between the two. You may be wondering why is it that users find it difficult to differentiate between eroge and sex cam games on cam girl sites.

Generally, eroge and sex cam games both include queer and erotic stores. But to cut the long story short, eroge often contain more clicky text and sprite affairs, while most of the sex cam game on cam sites contains more of erotic visuals and effects. Many gamers even consider eroge games as unworthy of the title game because it engages you in more reading than visual appeals. Find out more about eroge and sex cam game on cam girl sites below.

What are eroge visual novels?

Eroge visual novels are an erotic game genre of Japanese origin. Eroge is a word coined from two words “ero” meaning erotic and “ge” meaning games. Eroge visual novels are a form of adult entertainment, mainly designed as an erotic story with a couple of sexualized images. Depending on the developer, eroge visual novels may content simplistic stories or extreme sexual content such as lolicon and rape.

Many people believe eroge visual novels are played for the sake of horniness and sexual pleasure and nothing else. But despite the stereotype about eroge visual novels, there is a lot to it than some people would expect. Eroge games can also be entertaining; however, it contains fewer visual effects and more story reading.

Many users’ main comment on eroge is that it is not worthy of the title game, and should be called a novel. But even though eroge has a lot of narration, and a few interactive elements, it is not particularly a novel in the traditional sense.

Unlike early eroge games where erotic content was meaningfully and thoughtfully integrated into the game, nowadays, many developers use it as an excuse for pornography. This has been one of the main reasons why eroge visual novels have made it into places where mainstream games haven’t.

What are sex cam games?

On the other hand, sex cam games are more popular and preferred by many avid gamers. One of the reasons is that sex cam games contain less storytelling and narration, and more interactive elements. Some sex cam games can even be so extreme that they may contain actual scenes of sex in it.

Some sex cam games are so visually appealing and interactive that they give gamers the ability to control their character in an open world where they can interact with other gamers.  Sex cam games are so entertaining that a lot of gamers often get addicted to them in no time.

Users can find several sex cam games on several cam girl websites, including ePlay. Game lovers can take their experience to a whole new level with sex cam games. And with several cam girls playing them, the fun doesn’t have to end after playing the game, you can request a private show after the regular gaming session.

Why do people prefer sex cam games to eroge visual novels? 

While eroge visual novels and sex cam games are similar, people prefer sex cam games to eroge visual novels. Here are two reasons people prefer sex cam games to eroge visual novels. 

●       Sex content

One of the main reasons people prefer eroge and sex cam games is the amount of sexual content. While both games are sexualized, the number of sexual contents in eroge games is less compared to sex cam games. Hence, people are more interested in playing sex cam games than eroge visual novels.

●       Interactive elements

Another reason people prefer sex cam games to eroge visual novels is that sex cam games are more interactive. Gamers can interact with sex cam games than with eroge visual novels. They can control their character to go where they want, and they can chat with other users, which brings life to the game.


To sum things up, while sex cam games and eroge visual novels are similar, the quantity of sexual content and the hardcore level of theme between sex cam games and eroge visual novels vary enormously. However, people prefer sex cam games to eroge visual novels. But that doesn’t mean eroge visual novels are not great or interesting, just that it’s not for everybody.

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