Do I Really Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Filing for a divorce here in Singapore has never been easier. All you need is to find and fill the divorce forms online, submit them and follow the legal process. And in no time, you will no longer be married. It may sound easy but the DIY divorce process doesn’t always work and if you play your cards wrong, you may end up losing way more than what you could have used in hiring a divorce lawyer.

The biggest reason why most people avoid hiring divorce lawyers is the legal fees. It makes sense. You or your partner has filed for divorce. Ending a marriage isn’t easy and you are probably stressed out. The thought of hiring a divorce lawyer usually comes after you have already decided to end the marriage. And in straightforward situations, there is usually no need of hiring a divorce lawyer. But, when have divorces ever been straightforward?

Are Divorces Complicated?

In most cases, divorces tend to be complicated. And the more complicated a divorce is, the more reasons why you need a divorce attorney to represent your interests. Here are some of the things that can make the divorce process complex;

  • Couples that own assets struggle a lot with the division of property. And the more property you own as married folk, the harder it is to divide equally as both parties tend to feel more entitled to get more.
  • The presence of minor children makes the divorce process even more complicated. Unlike having adult children, minors require the formulation of a parenting plan. This is where child support comes in. The spouse living with the children should receive financial support for the basic needs of the kids.
  • There is also the element of spousal support. Depending on the need, age, or length of the marriage, the other party can ask for spousal support. This is a grey area that raises a lot of disputes during divorce proceedings.

Though not always, most divorces aren’t always amicable. This heavily depends on the relationship you and your spouse had and your personalities. A divorce lawyer Singapore comes in handy when the divorce is surrounded by complications.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

Certain scenarios make it worth it for you to invest in legal help. They include;

  • If your spouse has hired a divorce attorney, then a DIY approach isn’t going to work. Not unless you are a divorce lawyer, there is no way you are going to outsmart a divorce attorney. Failure to hire a legal mind might result in the divorce favoring your spouse more.
  • Should you and your partner have property to divide, you may try mediation whereby everyone gets an equal share. If that fails, get yourself a lawyer. Whilst deciding on property division, it is important to know what is or isn’t worth fighting for.
  • When you can’t find a middle ground on how to co-parent or pay for child support, an attorney can intervene and help you with that.
  • Regarding spousal support, as mentioned earlier, this often leads to a messy battle. And irrespective of whether you are asking for spousal support or you are on the receiving end, it is crucial that you get legal advice.

There are plenty of reasons why you should seek the services of a divorce attorney in Singapore. He/she will help with the paperwork as well as advice on how to maneuver the legal processes. If there is conflict between you and your ex, it can be difficult for you to reason with one another. And this is what makes it necessary for you to hire an experienced divorce lawyer.

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