Doja Cat has not been to a Met Gala yet, Followers Had Enough in 2022. Details discussed

The Met Gala, held last night and hosted by Anna Wintour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is the topic of discussion on almost every social media platform today. Those who eagerly anticipate each year to see what the most famous people in the world would wear to the most prestigious fashion event finally got their first peek at the 2022 outfits and were not disappointed. The event in 2022, which had the theme “Gilded Glamour” and centered on New York City during its Gilded Age, included some exceedingly outrageous and expensive costumes. T

he event topic was “Gilded Glamour” (about 1870 to 1890). Kylie Jenner donned a lavish wedding dress designed by Off-White, Lizzo wore a jacket designed by Thom Brown that was black and gold, and Katy Perry wore a teeny-tiny, lace-trimmed black mini-dress. In 2022, the guest list for the Met Gala was notable for the absence of several celebrities, one of whom was the singer Doja Cat.

Doja cat has never attended the met gala

Fans were dismayed to learn that Doja Cat, now one of the performers selling the most records worldwide, will not be attending the 2022 Met Gala. The young man, who is now 26 years old and has been honoured with a Grammy, a Billboard Music Award, and five American Music Awards, has not been seen recently and has not offered a reason for her absence. The singer who performs under Say so has never been to the Met Gala. Despite being a fashion and music icon, she’s never been invited. She may not have been invited to Anna Wintour’s VIP luncheon. An invitation to the Met Gala is something that no sane person in their right mind would ever turn down. Anna, if you could add Doja to the guest list for the next year, that would be great.

Photos from a fake DOJA cat gala are circulating on Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter this morning, you may have seen several photos that purport to show Doja at the Met Gala faked. This could have left you feeling a little confused. The devoted followers of the celebrity have been circulating a false rumor that she attended a charity event in New York City wearing a voluminous blue ballgown, but this is not the case at all. Everyone can’t stop talking about the showy gown that Doja wore in the music video for Baby. I’m Jealous by Bebe Rexha. Bebe Rexha performed the song.

In addition, several enthusiasts have pointed out that the dress is a ballgown from the 1700s, which is not in line with the theme of “Gilded Glamour” that will be exhibited at the Met Gala in 2022. Twitter users are becoming more frustrated by Doja Cat’s absence from the Met Gala. The performance is worthy of an invitation. Her presence was much missed on the carpet. Cardi B performed at her after-party, during which she played one of Doja’s songs. 

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