Beautiful pics of Drew Blythe Barrymore feet & Legs

Drew Blythe Barrymore, an American Gem of Hollywood industry, was born on 22nd February 1975. Being the granddaughter of famous John Barrymore, she started her career at the age of seven with her role in The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)and paved her success through multiple movies and modeling projects. She’s also a director, author,producer, and entrepreneur. She has won 33 out of 87 nominations with some of the biggest awards like a golden globe, people’s choice awards in her shelf, and is still in progress. In her autobiography, ‘Little Lost Girl,’ she narrated her experiences and her life pressured by drug abuse and alcoholism.

Her romantic life has also been a roller coaster ride with three marriages and several relationships. The most prominent one’s FabrizioMoretti (The Strokes band’s drummer, five-year relationship) and Will Kopelman (Art consultant and son of former CEO of Chanel, four years marriage). She had two daughters during her relationship with Will Kopelman and is Godmother of Frances Bean Cobain.

Her cinematography life has been marvelous. Some of them are Poison Ivy(1992), Scream (1996), 50 First Dates(2004), Charlie’s Angels(2000), and so on. As an entrepreneur, she has launched cosmetics, Clothing lines, and Wines. She received her own Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2004.


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