Everything about Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: The Path of Knowledge

Six Sigma is a framework of financial management methodology and tactics, and widely famed and used in recent years. If a company lacks a proper managerial base, no matter how excellent their products or services are, they will have a hard time working with clients. However, if a company has a Green Belt Certified Lean Six Sigma expert in their team, minimizing management issues will become far more straightforward.

Such an expert understands and tactically solves complicated business problems. By defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and then controlling the issues, a person who has received lean six sigma green belt training, serves their team by specializing in a particular functioning process. These individuals are deliberately assigned to a single method to help improve small areas at a time.

Paths of Training

An individual who desires to train to become a Green Belt Certified Lean Six Sigma expert has to choose between a couple of different paths in the process. Those who are open to understanding and learning every facet of Six Sigma, and are willing to attend the full-fledged comprehensive exam will choose the “Body of Knowledge” certification strategy.

However, in lean six sigma green belt training, the ones who opt for a more straightforward, less comprehensive approach have chosen the second path. These trainees will refer to ready-made study materials and guides to have their independent plan in grasping the structure of lean Six Sigma. Trainees will go through a series of short examination processes, progressing bit by bit.

Since the second option is more of an individualistic approach, the trainees might be allowed to progress and achieve higher belts through advanced training. The second path is more exam-oriented than the body of knowledge.

Who should choose the “Body of Knowledge?”

If you wish to concentrate on your Green Belt Certification singularly, then this path is made for you! You will be given all knowledge regarding your field of expertise, significantly amplifying your grasp on it. Unlike the second path, you might not get the freedom to progress as you keep giving consecutive mini examinations. To progress in the “Body of Knowledge” path, you will have to sit for a single 2-hour long exam. Taking up this training course will cost you a minimum of $159. The cost may vary from one region to another.

What can one look for in the “Body of Knowledge” exam?

If you have chosen the “Body of Knowledge” for your Green Belt Certification, your questioner will contain 100 questions. The examination will be held in an open-book format, with a time limit of 2 hours. For one to pass the test, they will have to solve a set of MCQs, and True or False type questions. If you wish to sit for your certification examination, you can proceed to go for an online or an offline paper. However, the candidates sitting for offline exams must visit a designated spot, located in a pre-decided location.

Organizations such as the CSSC charge examination fees of $159, for that particular sum of money, the examinee can sit for at least three trials. If unsuccessful in one’s third trial, the individual will have to pay the fees to their respective organization again.

Requirements for “Body of Knowledge” certification

To successfully achieve a proper “Body of knowledge” certification in Lean Six Sigma’s Green Belt stream, the candidate must score at least 280 out of 400. If not, the candidate will have to re-attempt the said examination. However, all a candidate requires is lean six sigma green belt training; there are no essential pre-requisites. Most organizations will give the applicants a year to prepare for their examination after they have successfully deposited their fees. A candidate doesn’t need to submit specific projects to get qualified; most organizations do not follow such policies.

Preparation Process

An examinee must be fluent with the basics of Six Sigma and have an ample amount of theoretical and practical training in their field of specialization. According to many organizations, self-studying with the help of guides might be the way to go. Before a candidate sits for their examination, it is essential for them to re-familiarize. You must revise old concepts, and the methodology of Lean Six Sigma, and the green belt in particular. Books are available for purchase online for interested candidates.

This Body is a study of ones who want to understand the concept first, and then go looking for a job. If you wish to enhance your knowledge, and your financial deduction skills, this course will go. However, this opportunity won’t be waiting for you; you need to grab it as soon as possible! With training and dedication, you will become an expert in Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma! Determination is the key to progress. 

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