Finding the Right Apartment to Rent In Japan

An apartment is a living space which could be a studio type (no partitioned rooms) or with a number of rooms (usually 1 to 4) and typically with toilets and bath and a lounging or living room, a dining area and a kitchen. It is usually located in a building which contains a number of these apartments with similar or varying components.

There is a type of apartment which is put up for sale and could be purchased in cash or paid through monthly monthly amortizations. But the great majority of apartments are put up for rental or lease.

Typically, when an agreement has been set with the landlord, the tenant agrees to pay an advance deposit, the current monthly rental, key money and handling fees. It is usually a costly time for the tenant before he or she could move into the apartment, given these multiple expenses. These additional costs usually add up 3 to 5 months worth of costs equivalent of the monthly rent.

But do you know that there are apartments in Japan that forego these costs and just simply charge the tenant with the first monthly fee? They don’t even require a guarantor or a co-signer for your lease. They have realized the concerns about would be renters usually include the huge cost that goes out of pocket when they move into a new home and also the need for people who are willing to guarantee their moving in.

You just have to do your research about these websites or apartment building management companies which specialize in affordable housing. They also try to simplify the moving in processes like the paperwork which they keep to a minimum. They also try to keep the rental fees as low as possible for middle income families to be able to afford them.

The sources which could supply you with a list of rentable apartments are real estate companies or real estate websites. You could visit a real brick and mortar real estate company and they will supply you with a portfolio of available apartment properties that have been entrusted to them for marketing. The second source is a real estate website which could even be a nationwide listing of all available apartments for rent. You don’t have to go out to inquire. You do the inquiry on the website itself.

Also do your research for apartments for rent in Japan that have added amenities like playgrounds and daycare centers for the tenants’ children, sports facilities and if possible, a swimming pool.

Do you know that renting an apartment also builds up your credit rating? A positive rental history will augur well for you and your family when it comes to consumer credit reports. In the first place, before you rented your apartment, the landlord could have already researched your credit history and found it problem free. At the same time, in the future, your rental apartment rental payment history will also serve you well for other transactions in the future which requires your good credit standing in the community.

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