Five Ways for Adults to Have Ultimate Fun at Kingpin

One of the saddest parts about being an adult is having to say goodbye to the regular holiday breaks after we begin working. Even after we have got kids and school holidays are back in our lives, the holidays revolve around the kids. Fortunately, you can bring back the school holiday fun and bring back the kid in you at Kingpin while also maintaining the adult feel with a few drinks. Kingpin is popular for bowling, but it has a lot more to offer. Here is a look at five ways for you to have ultimate fun at kingpin.

1. Karaoke

There are various private karaoke lounges at the Kingpin. Here, you can let out the diva in you, hold a mic and start singing your heart out. You don’t have to worry about humiliating yourself in front of other people because you will get a private lounge for only you and your friends. So, regardless of what you want to sing, you won’t be judged by anybody. You can also order your favorite food and drink for delivery to your private room. You can hence treat yourself to a wild night out in Macarthur at the Kingpin Square.

2. Escape Rooms

You have not experienced real fun if you and your pals are yet to engage in the escape rooms and planned together to escape the test. This is excellent if you think about yourself as an amateur detective and it is your opportunity to prove your worth. You will have about one hour of working your way via pointer series, clues, and tasks to try and finish your mission of unlocking the door. Will you escape? This will be fun.

3. Bowling

Kingpin is most popular for bowling and you cannot afford to skip it. Even better, this bowling is not the basic kind. The Kingpin bowling lanes feature advanced BesX technology that enables you to personalize your scores, share on Facebook and even order your meals straight to you. Why not have fun while showing off your bowling skills.

4. Laser Tag

To bring back the child in you, you want to engage in a different activity from regular life. This makes it the right time to get into the arena with your friends and start playing laser tag. This is an excellent activity for a group of a few friends and it will be super fun. The laser tag arena features targets, beacons, and warbots to make the missions more competitive. It will also give you a pretty good work out which is good for enhancing physical fitness.

5. Cocktails And Burgers

By engaging in all these fun activities, you are obviously feeling hungry. Fortunately, you don’t have to go elsewhere searching for meals as you will find everything at the Kingpin. There is everything for everyone including; fried chicken, burgers, salad bowls, crispy prawn tacos, etc. even better, you can cool yourself down with some cocktail from the broad drink menu or enjoy a beer with your friends.

So, why wait longer? Go to the Kingpin this holiday and experience the wildest night out!

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