Flower Garden: All You Need to Know About Black-eyed Susan

Flowers provide an impact on the natural beauty of the environment.  Flowers are one of the most precious features that nature can offer. It naturally beautifies the environment without adding extra effort into it. You can see flowers everywhere. Either in your garden, inside your house, on the coast, in the forest, or on the highways. They can freely showcase their beauty in any place they grow. Their unique variety is what makes them even more beautiful.

What makes a flower beautiful is merely not just on the physical aspects but rather on the benefits they provide. Black-eyed Susan is a flower that significantly benefits your health, mind, and house appearance. Black-eyed Susan in your backyard will not disappoint you; it can beautifully complement together with the other grown plants in your garden. If you want to know more about Black-eyed Susan, continue reading right down below.


Black-eyed Susan’s botanical name is Rudbeckia hirta. This flower originated from the eastern United States and later spread to Central North America. This flower is a relative of the sunflower family but smaller in size and is considered the official flower of Maryland.

Growing a patch of beautiful black-eyed Susans is not a heavy task. This flower is highly adaptable to hot conditions and in any types of soil and is drought tolerant once established. You can plant it as an annual, perennial, or biennial depending on the variety and location it grows.


Black-eyed Susan is sensitive to cold weather. If you want to plant this flower, wait until the cold weather is over. Direct sowing of its seed is best for this type of flower; they don’t do well in containers. Locate them in a good sunny spot and moist, well-drained soil. Upon sowing the seed, rake and clean the soil before you sprinkle the seed and only cover the seeds with loose soil for the germination process.

If you don’t want to replant another set seed, you can leave them alone. Avoid cutting down the seed heads; the annual black-eyed Susan will reseed on their own and pop up beautifully in unexpected spots next year. This flower will bloom from midsummer to September, depending on the location.

Health Benefits

This flower is known for its ancient medicinal benefits. Traditionally, they used it to treat some health conditions and as a home remedy solution. This flower contains beneficial properties, including antioxidants, astringent and microbial agents. This plant is excellent for immunity booster, viral infection, high blood pressure, earache, cold, diuretic, swelling, edema, and antidote against snakebite.

The extract made from the black-eyed Susan roots is the most valuable part of the flowers. The roots are great for herbal tea and best for consumption before bed or in the morning. However, not all parts of the flower are beneficial. The seed is not advisable for consumption as it is poisonous. Above all, seeking medical advice is best for any severe health condition; any adverse side effects should seek medical help.

Flower Preservation

If you’re into crafting, you would probably appreciate the beauty of flower preservation; if not, this may urge you to try it yourself. Resin is the appropriate method used by many to preserve something special for many years, such as preserving your wedding flower, rare flower petals, or rare insects. This flower preservation method is for decorative purposes, unique birthday gifts, or as an art in an inexpensive way.

Casting resin, silicone molders, plastic cups, and popsicle sticks are the materials needed for resin preservation. Measure your resin according to instruction using the plastic cups; mix the resin thoroughly; make sure the molder is clean and dry; make sure the flower is completely dry, and make sure your working surface is level and wait until it dry before taking it out in the molder.

Another way to preserve the flowers is through flower pressing. In preservation, freshly bloomed flowers are the right flower to pick.  There are few different methods that you can experiment with to find the one that works best for you. You can use a wooden flower press, a book, iron press, or microwave pressing. Each method has a different advantage; if you want to press the flowers within 30-60 seconds, microwave pressing is best for you.

Right after pressing it, you can put the pressed flowers in a frame and place them on the walls or inside your room. All these types of flower preservation will enable you to keep a hold of the sentimental things that you want to remember for an extended period without any changes. 


Flowers have the unique feature of making the unattractive attractive. It enhances the general appearance of your home without spending expensively. Taking nature as part of your day-to-day life will make your life amazingly beautiful. Life may be difficult, like how flowers strive to grow, but at the right time life will always bloom high held on the ground.

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