Former Survivor Cast Natalia Alcocer Shares Her Abuse Story With Husband Juan José Chimal Velasco Details Explained

The Mexican adaptation show named Big Name Big Brothers has hosted the debated issues in the talk of the country. Natalie Alcocer is the name that could win the show for more than two seasons, which has given her cross-impact within the country. The person named Telemundo Illuminates has been presented and removed from the list along with Laura Bozzo and Eduardo Rodriguez. The web-based entrainment show has been influencing the family and supporting people. Vikinga fans need her to save her from the removal of this week’s time. The following will help you know more about who Natalia Alcocer is and the story she has shared about her abuse with her husband, Juan Jose Chimal.

Who is Natalia Alcocer?

Natalia is a famous Mexican performer who was raised to the limelight after she appeared in the lifestyle as a housemate in La Casa de losFamoses in 2022. Before that, she appeared in the unscripted television show Survivor Mexico, which aired in 2021. In 2008, she appeared in the Mexican television series La Rosa de Guadalupe. Then she worked in the show La Chica Web on Zona Ruda, and in 2015, she appeared in the unscripted television series Big Brother. Natalia got the nickname La Vikinga after she appeared as a daring and striking during the show Survivor Mexico in 2021. Apart from that, she also appeared in the show Zona Ruda and some others.

Natalia was born on July 4, 1989, and her birthplace is unknown. Her parents’ names and occupations are unknown because she did not reveal more information about her personal life to the media and others. Natalia did not disclose more information about his educational qualification to the media, and her degree name and the name of the college she studied at are unknown. She is estimated to have a net worth of $ 3 million approximately, but her actual income is unknown. She was previously in a relationship with Juan Jose for some years, later, they both broke up and separated, and the reason for their break is unknown. Natalia is active on social media platforms, especially on her Instagram account she will use to post more pictures and videos.

Who is Natalia Alcocer husband Juan Jose Chimal Velasco?  

Natalia recently shared a hit to the corporate tycoon’s husband, Juan Jose Chimal Velasco. He is an industrial system engineer, and he is working as an overseeing accomplice in G Ingenieria. The organization will have some expertise in the advancement, arranging, execution, and oversight of electrical activities and robotization. He is best known as the brother-in-law of former Mexico president Enrique Pena Nieto. Chimal’s sister married Nieto in 1995. Natalia lived happily with her husband still 2021, when she looked at her better half as unfaithfulness.  

Natalia Alcocer has shared about her domestic abuse and became vocal about the maltreatment that happened to her in 2021. On her Instagram account, she posted about her story and also about the mental maltreatment because of her husband, Juan. They both together have three daughters, but she did not share any information about her daughter’s names and dates of birth.     

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