Four National Teams to follow in 2021 in Beach Soccer

The year 2021 has already arrived and, despite the uncertainties surrounding the realization of the next FIFA World Cup in Moscow, in August, we have reason to believe that the normality of the international beach soccer calendar will tend to return gradually.

If the qualifying tournaments can be held in the six confederations, it will be the first global selection event after the FIFA World Cup 2019, held in Paraguay, in which the Portuguese team was crowned world champion.

Thinking about this new year, we decided to choose 4 national teams that are not among the hottest to keep an eye on this new season of beach soccer. Don’t forget that the betwinner mobile app was created specifically for your convenience betting on the new seasons of soccer 2021. We are especially grateful to author Kate Richardson for helping us with this article. Take a look at her profile by clicking here.


The Lions of Teranga have dominated African beach soccer for the past decade, having qualified for the last five editions of the beach soccer World Cup and reaching the quarterfinals on three occasions, including Bahamas 2017 and Paraguay 2019.

Oumar Sylla’s men never made it to the tournament semifinals, however, beaten by more experienced European teams like Italy or Portugal.

With their own unique style, Senegalese are unanimously considered the strongest team in the world from the physical point of view, striving for the speed, strength and dexterity of their players. This has been the main weapon of a team that despite presenting quite simple tactical processes can cause problems for any team on the world stage.

Unbeatable since 2015 in the African continental championship, Senegalese are surely aiming for the title to be renewed in 2021.

Assuming that Senegal will reach the qualification for the Russian World Cup, what can we expect from the African team in Moscow?


Uruguay was a pleasant surprise at the Paraguay World Cup, as they qualified for the quarter-finals, following a tactical 1-0 triumph over Mexico and a surprising 4-3 victory over favorite Italy.

It is true that the South American team would not be able to overcome a more experienced Japan and led by a super Ozu Moreira in the quarter-finals, but even so the Uruguayan epic was written: returned to the World Cup after an absence of 4 editions, the Rioplateans restored some of the glory of other times.

In a 2021 in which new challenges arise and other South American nations like Argentina will look for the assault on the world championship, will Uruguay be able to repeat the feat of 2019 and appear in Moscow? The expectation is great to see if the growth will continue in the new year.


Tahiti appears in the year 2021 against the current, in comparison with the cases already mentioned. After the unusual successes of 2015 and 2017, when Tahiti became world vice-champion on two consecutive occasions.

However, the competitive scarcity of Oceania, a confederation where only the Solomon Islands offer any serious opposition to the Polynesians, ultimately hurt Tahiti’s aspirations in 2019.

The failure of Tahiti is due to the moment of renewal of the squad, finding some of the young players at an embryonic stage of their sporting growth due to the aforementioned lack of competition.

In addition, the general form of the team also did not show the indexes of other years, in addition to the fact that the Polynesian game model was already well known throughout the world. However, the quality of the team’s game remained high, as evidenced by the victories against Mexico and Uruguay, with several athletes of excellence in the names of Taiarui, Li Fung Kuee, Tepa or Labaste.

Will the Tahitians be able to regain their competitive level in Moscow in 2021?


Iran is undoubtedly one of the teams that has the greatest preponderance in the world panorama of beach soccer, even though they didn’t qualify for the world cup in Paraguay.

Deprived of their ticket to South America by a very competitive Omani team, the Iranians suffered a severe blow in 2019, but they nevertheless failed to achieve success that same year: bronze medal winners at the World Beach Games and champions of the Intercontinental Cup, just a month before the world cup, the Iranians reaffirmed in 2019 their status as world superpower.

After a year in which the world did not experience Persian fury, what expectations can we have for the Iranian team in 2021? Will they be able to return to the world cup and repeat their presence on the podium of the 2017 Bahamas world cup?

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