Full Guide to Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands in 2022


1. Leafs By Snoop by Snoop Dogg

2. Houseplant by Seth Rogen

3. Marley Natural by The Marley Family

4. Trees by The Game

5. GKUA Ultra Premium by Lil Wayne

Other Celebrities in the Marijuana Industry

Are Celebrity Weed Brands Any Good?

The cannabis industry is booming as more regions legalize its usage, and more people enjoy the benefits of the herb. Famous individuals have also joined the movement, with some launching their own celebrity CBD brands and advocating for weed.

These brands must deliver high-quality products to stay relevant in the industry and continue being go-to vendors among cannabis enthusiasts. The famous suppliers use the highest-quality marijuana seeds to ensure premium standards.

Are you curious to find out the best celebrity cannabis companies in 2022? Keep reading to discover five brands with incredible products worth your dollars.

1. Leafs By Snoop by Snoop Dogg

It’s only fitting to begin this list with the iconic cannabis campaigner Snoop Dogg. Since entering the entertainment sector, the icon has been public about his adoration for marijuana.

In 2015, he debuted his brand, Leafs by Snoop, following a successful rap career. It comes as no surprise that the renowned rapper’s line is among the pioneering marijuana companies.

Due to his experience with weed, Snoop Dogg’s weed brand is of the highest grade. He has one CBD-based product and a rich line of THC strains, including supplements, edibles, and chocolate bars.

2. Houseplant by Seth Rogen

Houseplant’s website experienced such heavy traffic that it crashed during the March 2021 California premiere. Since then, the brand has recorded an increase in sales and popularity.

Houseplant is one of the best marijuana brands offering everything a stoner needs. Their portfolio ranges from beautiful bong accessories and ashtrays to flowers, matches, and lighters.

The brand’s best-selling flowers, Pink Moon and Bomb Cyclone are available across all cities in California. Rogen’s CBD business aims to make toking appealing and stylish with its merchandise. The company’s quality is apparent from the attention to detail.

Houseplant’s ganja comes in chic and stackable tins with a reference card, terpene information, and a disclaimer of the brand’s strength.

3. Marley Natural by The Marley Family

When Bob Marley wasn’t making amazing music, he was most likely enjoying a blunt. After his death, the reggae icon’s family partnered with private holdings to honor him with an elite cannabis brand.

Bob Marley was a global marijuana advocate before different states loosened the herb’s legality rules.

Marley Natural has grown to be among the most popular weed brands.

During production, Bob Marley’s family ensures that they make the stash the way the singer liked it.

The line includes a variety of pipes, grinders, rolling trays, lotions, creams, and four kinds of sun-grown cannabis flowers.

4. Trees by The Game

Legendary rapper, The Game, launched the brand Trees to give the cannabis community top-notch buds. The celebrity CBD brand, based in California, grossed over $1 million in its first year of operation.

Trees aims to enhance the marijuana experience for stoners throughout the state by delivering exceptional hand-picked buds. Pre-rolls, tobacco wraps, rolling trays, and cannabis flowers are just a few of the products offered by the line.

The Game personally approves each flower, allowing you to enjoy a high similar to his.

The ‘Ali Bomaye’ hitmaker is involved with the whole process, from picking the plant and packaging to distribution. The weed comes in a glass jar with classy branding for a unique experience.

5. GKUA Ultra Premium by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, a renowned musician and cannabis expert, created one of the top celebrity weed brands, GKUA Ultra Premium. The marijuana used to make this line gets tested and approved by the rapper.

Lil Wayne’s marijuana line revolves around having fun while high. He’s invested in the whole process and spends hours ensuring everything goes as planned.

The brand focuses on four cannabis products; flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vapes. Pot from the high-potency GKUA Ultra Premium line has the potential to give customers the most refined high.

The business, which made its debut in California in 2019, has recently opened offices in Michigan and Colorado. The company aims to give you weed with the highest natural quantity of THC while maintaining purity.

Other Celebrities in the Marijuana Industry

The marijuana business is witnessing more influential people joining as advocates and owners of weed companies.

In 2022 and beyond, the industry might continue registering more celebrity CBD brands. You may even start seeing the strains available at your local cannabis seed bank. Some cannabis companies owned by celebrities include:

  • Khalifa Kush by Wiz Khalifa
  • Tyson 2.0 by Mike Tyson
  • Forbidden Flowers by Bella Thorne
  • Monogram by Jay-Z.

Are Celebrity Weed Brands Any Good?

This list captures a few of the brands that have received excellent reviews. It’s still early days, but the positive attitude to celebrity-branded marijuana is catching.

Whether you want high-end deluxe weed or affordable but top-quality marijuana, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, try a few products from these popular celebrity cannabis brands.

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