GamerSupps ownership: Jschlatt, An Explanation of the Gamersupps Lawsuit and Controversies

According to the company’s website, the items sold by GamerSupps provide esports players with sustained energy, greater endurance, and faster reflexes. Kaho Shibuya and Character Designer Masashi Kudo have joined forces with GamerSupps. Who, however, is the owner of GamerSupps? GamerSupps’ energy supplements go by the acronym GG, and the business says they are suitable for keto dieters, contain no calories, and are sugar-free. There are a variety of GG formulas to choose from. The business also says that the GG energy formula, which costs a tenth of the price of canned energy drinks, provides long-lasting energy, enhanced endurance, and quicker reflexes. The cost per serving is quite low, at 0.35 cents, considering there are 100 servings in each tub.

Concerns regarding esports supplements

The usage of performance-enhancing drugs has increased along with the growing popularity of esports as a business. Esports is expected to be a $1.8 billion industry by 2022, according to research firm Newzoo. Leading specialists have condemned corporations that promote these substances to young esports players. When asked about the marketing of supplements to gamers, Evelyn Volders, a senior professor in nutrition and dietetics at Monash University, expressed grave worry. He told The New Daily that selling these pills is unregulated, and there are no social media restrictions.

GamerSupps’ owner: Jonathan Schlatt

Jonathan Schlatt, a well-known YouTube personality, is the founder and CEO of GamerSupps. On Twitter in May of 2022, he declared, Schlatt is sponsored by and now owns GamerSupps! And added to use his discount code which allows you to save 10% of your purchase. This tweet sparked a commotion online since there was no official confirmation from the corporation. The suspicion faded after a few days, and it now seems that Schlatt is the proprietor of GamerSupps after all. Schlatt, a podcaster and streamer from the United States, debuted online in July 2013. His YouTube video, Elon, r u ok? It has over 26 million views.

The lawsuit and controversies levelled at GamerSupps explained

One of Gamersupps’ ambassadors, also known as IceRocker, caused a stir last year when she wrote a thread about the unjust treatment she had experienced from the company’s officials. She then claimed the corporation had stolen her marketing concepts without paying for them. IceRocker discovered the corporation didn’t pay its colleagues. She violated her contract with GamerSupps and even advised others to quit buying their products. The ambassador ultimately left the firm, but not before damaging its image. In her wake, many more shared their stories of terror with the organisation. Many people expected a lawsuit against the corporation if the agreement wasn’t followed, but nothing came of it.

The Net Worth of Jonathan Schlatt 

Jonathan Schlatt’s wealth has been estimated in a wide range of ways. Techstry estimates Schlatt’s wealth at $200,000. His Jschlatt channel on YouTube has garnered 19.1 million views and 462,000 followers, earning him an estimated $103,000. His YouTube channel seems to be his primary source of income. He and a colleague established the firm Schlatt & Co., in which each of them has a 50% stake. Apart from goods sales, the corporation is engaged in initiatives like the development of Schlattcoin, although its income and financial details are entirely opaque.

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