Genshin Impact: The Secret Recipe for Sweet Cider Lake

Something fresh is taking place in Genshin Impact at this very now. The event is named “Of Drink A-Dreaming,” and in order to participate, you will need to work as a bartender for the duration of the evening. Obviously, this also implies the preparation of a variety of alcoholic drinks and their service. You will need to make each of the 21 unlocked cocktails at least once to be eligible for any prizes that are up for grabs during this event. There are three different ingredients that go into making each drink, and you won’t be able to make any of them until their recipe is unlocked. One of these drinks is named Sweet Cider Lake, and the instructions for making it can be found in Genshin Impact. 

The Effect of Sweet Cider on Lake Genshin and Its Formation

At this bar, you are able to create any one of four unique drinks. Recipes for drinks that may be prepared using coffee, tea, juice, or a combination of these three ingredients. The energizing Sweet Cider Lake is a well-liked variant of the Juice beverage category. This guarantees that juice is used as one of the recipe’s components. Let’s go ahead and look through its list of components to see if we can figure out what else it has.

The amount of milk added to the fruit juice gradually increases until the required concentration is achieved. This process may be repeated many times. The mix of a fruity taste and a smooth, silky texture cannot fail to please. If this is the case, then the other component must be milk. How much orange juice and milk should be used in the recipe? Remember that all recipes need a minimum of three ingredients to be used to succeed. Let’s not waste time speculating what percentage of these ingredients could work. Instead, let’s look at the actual recipe. Before we go any further, the components of Sweet Cider Lake are as follows,

  • One part juice and two parts milk

Next, make the beverage by following the on-screen directions and tapping the appropriate buttons Down, Down, Up, and Up. It should be a joyful experience both in preparation and serving. Following a successful login, you should be able to find it in the Drink Archives/Recipes database inside the Juices section. If you are interested in any of the other twenty-one meals served during the celebration, you can locate them here. If you do this, it will be much easier to complete the race and earn all of the available awards.


As mentioned before, Sweet Cider Lake is only one of the 21 drinks that may be made. Therefore, continue to combine materials in new and interesting ways to create new dishes or examine the list of recipes supplied. If you are interested in working as a bartender at Angel’s Share tavern, you must familiarize yourself with the numerous drink concoctions served there.

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