Get to know the Facts and Personal details of Actor Darren Barnet

Darren Barnet, now 30 years old, was born to actors Charles D. Barnet Jr. and Deborah Barnet. Darren is famous for his pranks with Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever. His acting credits include main roles in American Pie Presents Girls’ Rules and the Netflix feature Love Hard, with Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang.

All about Actor Darren Barnet’s Mom and Dad

Darren Charles Barnet was born in Los Angeles on April 27, 1991, to parents Charles D. Barnet Jr. and Deborah. Not a lot of specific info about his parents will be available online. In addition, we have no way of knowing how old their parents are since there is no publicly available video of them. It’s also commonly known that his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after, at 12, he and his mom relocated to an Orlando, Florida, suburb. In 2009, he was a senior at Dr. Phillips High School, where he led the lacrosse team. After performing in plays and quick-cut films at Berry College, he received his Bachelor’s degree there. Furthermore, Darren has always had a passion for exhibiting since age 5, although he didn’t really pursue showing until college.

Ancestry of Darren Barnet

Jennifer Barnet and Emily Briedy are Darren’s sisters; he has a stepfather, Hady J. Briedy, and a mother, Deborah. He has a half-sister named Emily. His interest in music was further sparked by the influence of his grandparents and father. Charlie Barnet, a famous swing musician, was his grandpa. His father had a passion for tunes. Although his primary interest is in performing, he also appears to take pleasure in creating poetry, and he did indeed begin writing hip-hop at a very young age. From the pictures of his family on Instagram, it seems Darren’s younger sister had just earned her degree from the University of San Francisco. Even more so, it’s possible that there aren’t that many details about his parents that can be found online.

Darren Barnet’s ethnicity

Regarding Darren Barnet’s heritage, it’s safe to say that he comes from a multiracial background. His mother is of Swedish and Japanese ethnicity, while his father is of German and Cherokee heritage. Despite his Japanese ancestry, the actor was raised in Los Angeles. According to the offer, the writers of Never Have I Ever came up with a way to incorporate his Japanese-American heritage into Paxton Yoshida’s character. Thus, the surname Yoshida was given an extra barrel to sound like Paxton.

Barnet had a fantastic reception from the audience, despite his initial hesitance in representing his mixed-race group. A total of 700,000 new Instagram followers were added to Barnet’s account only ten days after his debut in Never Have I Ever. His current fan base is about 2.3 million strong. Follow him on Instagram at @darrenbarnet. The actor is fluent in Japanese, Spanish, and French and can have a conversation in all three languages.

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