Haircare tips: Common Mistakes and Ways to Avoid

When it comes to hair care, most of us tend to think that we are doing enough when it comes out our crowning glory.  All you need to do is oil and moisturize your hair regularly and wash them once or twice a week.

Maybe you’re doing everything right, but who knows, you might be making all those efforts to only damage your hair further. The truth is that most people think they are doing the right thing for their hair when they may be doing everything wrong.

 Given below are some things that you might be doing and ruining your hair in the long run:

Washing your hair often or not washing them – Everyone has different needs and quality of hair. If you wash your hair every day or are in the habit of leaving your hair unwashed for days together, you will end up damaging your hair

Brushing your hair for a long time- While brushing is good for the hair and stimulating the circulation on the scalp, doing more than that is unnecessary will only lead to friction. As a result, you might be damaging your scalp and the hair follicles.

  • What you need to do- Brush your hair gently and for no more than five to ten minutes which is enough to spread the natural oils from roots to ends.

Using any brush – It is not just how you brush and for how long, but also the quality of the brush you use. The incorrect brush will only entangle the hairs and damage them.

  • What you need to do– Get the right brush based on the length and volume of the hair. Typically, the more hair volume, the bigger and wider the brush should be.

Sleeping with open hair – Most people prefer to sleep with their hair open. However, if they have medium to long hair, they will only end up waking to completely knotted hair.

  • What you need to do– Even if you feel not up to it or tie your hair or braid them before you go to bed. That will prevent them from getting overly tangled, and you will get up with well-behaved hair in the morning.

Toweling up your hair– It is a common practice to use a towel to dry your hair. But have you paid attention to the quality of the towel? Perhaps the textures of the standard terry towel are too rough, and that can lead to breakage of the hair shaft.

Eating junk food – You may think that your diet has nothing much to do with your hair. But you are all wrong. Eating unhealthy foods and skipping your exercise is not just bad for your health but your hair too.

  • What you need to do– Follow a healthy lifestyle and include fresh fruits, vegetables in your diet, and drink enough water daily to keep your hair healthy and glossy.

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