Heather Cuevas is said to be Trae the Truth’s baby mama, Here are her age and Instagram photos

People talk a lot on the internet about the fight between Trae Tha Truth and Heather Cuevas, the woman carrying his child. If you want to know more about Heather, you should keep reading. Trae The Truth was born in Houston, Texas, and is a well-known American rapper and record executive. Heather Cuevas and Trae The Truth were once together. There are eleven studio albums and 26 mixtapes that he has made on his own.

Similarly, the well-known rapper has been in this business for a long time and has won several awards for the memorable songs he has made. On May 23, 2021, he was given the Change Maker Award at the Billboard Music Awards show for that year.

Aside from that, a lot of people know that Trae the Truth has been having trouble being a parent. Not only that, but fans are excited to learn more about the rapper’s baby mom, Heather Cuevas.

Tell the whole truth, Heather Cuevas, “Age of the Baby Mama,”

Heather Cuevas is Trae the Truth’s biological mother. This is a fact that everyone knows. Heather’s exact age is not known in any public source as of right now. However, based on how she looks, we can guess that she is between 25 and 35. Frazier Othel Thompson III is the rapper’s real name, and he was born on July 3, 1980. At the start of 2022, he would be 41 years old. Frazier was born and raised in the United States city of Houston, Texas. In addition, he became well-known in the Houston rap scene in 1998.

Photos from the Instagram account of Heather Cuevas

Currently, we can’t find Heather Cuevas on Instagram, but her photos are shared on several other social media sites. Also being looked at are the details of her professional history. Because she was with Trae the Truth in the past, people now know about her. In the news, it is often said that the former couple can’t agree on who should have custody of their daughter. Trae can also be found on Instagram under the handle @traeabn. There, she has more than a million people who follow her.

The singer’s child’s mother says Trae The Truth said bad things about her on Instagram. It is said that the mother of Trae The Truth’s child has filed a defamation lawsuit against him. The lawsuit says that Trae The Truth hurt her reputation on Instagram and used her daughter as a weapon in their fight.

In her lawsuit in the Van Nuys Superior Court, Heather also claims that she was the victim of civil harassment and that she was purposely made to feel bad. She wants both damages to make up for what she lost and damages to punish the person who hurt her.

The rapper said earlier this year that his ex-girlfriend is wrongly keeping him from spending time with his 3-year-old daughter, Truth Thompson. Also, the Jasmine Brand has more details about why they are fighting.

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