Hotaru Haganezuka’s face will be shown; will Hotaru Haganezuka show his face in Demon Slayer?

The Hotaru Haganezuka Face Reveal was a very unusual search term at the time, and it usually meant that someone wanted to get a lot of subscribers or become more popular online. The Hotaru Haganezuka Face Reveal is a big reveal about a character in the series. Read the following article to learn more about the Hotaru Haganezuka Face Reveal.

Hotaru Haganezuka

Hotaru is an example of someone with a fiery personality. It seems like he doesn’t care much, if at all, about anything else besides the swords he makes. His love for swords is so strong that he can talk about them for hours, which is unheard of even among the people who live in the Swordsmith Village. The same drive that makes him want to make swords also makes him quick to get angry (usually in a funny way) when sworders break his creations, especially Tanjiro Kamado, no matter what the situation. Tanjiro Kamado is a good example of this.

Hotaru Haganezuka Face Reveal

Hotaru wears a woven hat with a wide brim and a haori with a sunflower pattern on it. She also has flower-shaped wind chimes on the edge of her hat. His face is hidden by a Hyottoko mask, which is also called a wooden festival mask. This makes him look a lot like Sakonji Urokodaki. His head is covered with linen that has spots on it. During the Swordsmith Village Arc, he is shown to be bigger and stronger than when the story started. When Hotaru’s mask is taken off, people can see that he has long black hair, sharp eyes, and thick, well-groomed eyebrows. Gyokko, an Upper-Rank Five Demon, attacked Hotaru. As a result, he has deep scars and cuts all over his body, including an X-shaped one on his face, and he can’t see out of his left eye anymore. Hotaru’s left eye no longer works, and he can’t see out of it.

As Kozo Kanamori tries in vain to protect Hotaru Haganezuka from the Demon, he is killed by Gyokko in the next shed. “Hotaru Haganezuka Face Reveal Episode” is the name of the episode where this happens. Hotaru doesn’t notice them because he’s focused on fixing the blade that Tanjiro gave him while muttering about how perfect the sword’s construction is. Gyokko checks him out and decides that he can’t be the leader because he is old.

The Demon calls to him, but Hotaru doesn’t answer. Instead, he keeps talking about how strange the sword is, which surprises Gyokko. Gyokko is jealous of how hard Hotaru works at his job, so he gives him several wounds and sends another fish demon to attack Kozo. Kozo moves quickly to try to wake Hotaru up, but Hotaru ignores him when his mask falls off because of the attack, and he can see his face. On the other hand, Hotaru is not bothered by this turn of events. Gyokko’s attack is aimed at the swordsmith’s unwavering determination.

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