How Did Ella Payne Eye End Up? Cassi Davis Patton: Stroke or Not?

The first episode of the newest season of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne aired on BET on May 25, 2021. Cassi Davis and the other original group members were greatly seen throughout the season. On the other hand, worry about Cassi Davis has completely taken over the internet. Fans have noticed that the actress who plays Ella Williams-Payne looks different, and they want to know what’s happening. Some people thought she might have even had a stroke. Davis hasn’t said much about the problems she’s having until recently. This is in response to the concerns that have been raised. Cassi Davis has played Ella, the head of the Payne family, since the first episode of House of Payne, which starred Tyler Perry.

What did happen to Cassi Davis’s eye?

Cassi Davis didn’t have a stroke, but she did explain what was going on with her health. Cassi was on the Culture podcast in February 2021, where she talked about her husband, Kerry Patton, and her job and health. Cassi Davis said that her condition had been diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy. Davis’s face is drooping on one side because he has a disorder that affects the facial muscles.

Davis said that she was told the news in March 2020. She also said that her husband or wife had “not missed a beat” in caring for her. On the other hand, the disease hasn’t changed anything about who she is. She also said that it is a source of entertainment even though it doesn’t pose any health risks. Davis’s close relationship with her husband and other loved ones, whom she says gave her a lot of help and support, has become clearer since she got sick.

What is the latest health news about Cassi Davis Patton? Are they sick?

Cassi Davis Patton said that she did not have a stroke but was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a disorder of the facial muscles that makes her eye droop. This disorder also hurts her face. Bell’s Palsy is “a disorder in which the seventh cranial nerve becomes swollen or compressed,” and many doctors think a viral infection causes it.

This is scary for anyone whose job requires them to be able to tell how people feel by looking at their faces. On the other hand, Davis didn’t let it bother her and always had a good attitude, no matter what was happening.

Cassi Davis’s husband and her married life are being looked into

Kerry Patton and Cassi Davis have been married since 2017 and have been very happy together. Before they got married, the two had been together for ten years. They had met when they were in the third grade. She talked about their relationship on Tom Joyner’s radio show. She said, _____We started chatting and dating back in 2007, and oh my god, we kept in touch, and now we are one. This was a reference to when they first started dating. ______We’re tearing it to pieces, she said next. It is quite beautiful. Both the fights we have and the changes we make are beautiful in their ways.

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