How Local SEO Can Help To Boost Your Business

Do you want to find out more about Local SEO, how local searches work and the strategies by which you can improve the online presence of your business?

In this guide, you will find a clear explanation of the concept of Local Search, the SEO optimization strategies in a Local key and the advantages they can bring. If you want to understand how to do Local SEO, make your company more visible to those who search nearby and find out all about the tools made available by Google, you have to continue reading!

Local SEO: what it is?

The term local SEO indicates a particular branch of marketing activities to increase a company’s popularity on the web. In this case, the goal is to increase visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) returned by Google for local searches.

Local SEO: why it is essential to be visible online

The massive spread of smartphone and other devices allows you to connect to the network and search for information anywhere and wherever you are. It has significantly changed your search and the type of results that users expect when they query an engine. 

More and more people are taking advantage of mobile searches to find the commercial activities or services they need and respond most correctly and entirely to users’ needs. Google aims to provide results based on the geographical position of the person making the query, ordering them, as usual, according to their relevance. The concept of local search is part of the broader concept of semantic and personalized search based on the characteristics of the user. Google’s goal is to provide answers and information increasingly in line with consumer requests through a correct interpretation of the search keys and their careful contextualization.

Geolocation of the results: how it works?

Offering more precise and tailored answers, which consider all the data obtained through user profiling, is the main aim towards which all the search engine point launches the most recent updates.

When searching for terms such as “pizzerias,” “hotel,” or “electrician,” Google can discern between the request for simple information and that of a particular service, providing results that take into account the geolocation of the IP or the antenna GPS from which the query started.

The benefits of local optimization for SMEs

It is clear how this strategy adopted by Google can influence the life and success of a company that offers its services to the public, typically based on its active presence in the area and knowing how to make itself visible in the eyes of potential customers.

Failing to adapt to the new standards, which are gradually establishing themselves, can result in losing essential market portions. For this reason, there is a clear need to optimize their web resources, not only as a function of the classic high positioning in organic SERPs but also of local search, especially in the case of small and medium-sized local businesses.

Google, in particular, has therefore developed an entire ecosystem to provide relevant results for local searches. Best SEO services are, therefore, helps to optimize your company’s web presence and to improve its visibility for potential customers who carry out proximity research related to your industry.

The integration of Google Ads into the local SEO strategy is relevant to occupy all the visible space of the search engine and the other levers.

Local SEO: who can benefit from it and how

Developing a good local search strategy can allow you to achieve significant results.

As already mentioned, it is mainly commercial activities that sell products or provide certain services to the public that benefit from the possibilities offered by local optimization.

From the shoe shop to the beauty centre, passing through restaurants and hotels, being more visible for those who carry out a specific search in the vicinity of the headquarters determines apparent advantages.

For many, searching for information online to find the nearest point of sale before making a purchase or choosing the place to spend the evening based on the opinions of other users has become commonplace.

So if you want that your site appears on a local search engine, then you must use local SEO techniques to optimize it.

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