How Much Does iPhone Repair Cost?

Is your iPhone on its last legs?

We’ve all been through problems with our iPhones and it can be incredibly frustrating. When you shell out hundreds of dollars out for your iPhone, the last thing you want to do is shell out hundreds more to have it fixed.

Most iPhone problems are actually very solvable for the right professional, so you don’t have to start searching for your next phone just yet. In this post, we’re going to give you an idea of iPhone repair cost. There are numerous factors that will affect the cost of repair, so keep reading and you’ll get a sense of what to expect from this process.

iPhone Repair Cost: The Breakdown

The cost of repairing your iPhone will depend on a few key things. Most importantly, which model of iPhone you’re getting repaired, and what part of the phone is in need of repairs.

Which iPhone Do You Have?

How old your phone is will determine how much the different parts cost to repair. In some cases, it’s better to have an older model because they were made with cheaper parts. On the other hand, newer models are currently in production, so it’s easier to find replacement parts for them.

Older models have older parts, which aren’t necessarily in production anymore, so it becomes a problem of actually being able to find the available pieces. They are out there, but that’s when you might see a price increase. Sites like specialize in fixing iPhone models, all the way back to the iPhone 5.

Which Part of Your Phone Needs Repair?

An iPhone replacement screen, depending on the model, will cost anywhere from $130 for older models to $350 for brand new ones. 

There’s also the back of the phone, which can smash if dropped at a certain angle. Before the iPhone X, these were made of metals, but because of wireless charging, the newer phones have glass panels on the back. Although sturdy, they’re more susceptible to breaking, which may cost up to $500 to repair.

Water-damaged iPhones are often the most costly. If your phone is too far gone, you’ll need to replace it, but if it’s possible to fix it, it might come in at around $100.

Battery damage is also fairly common in iPhones because the battery will degrade slowly over time. When it gets to the point that it’s a hindrance to your phone usage, you can take your iPhone in to get the battery replaced for between $60-70 on average.

Is It Worth It to Fix Your iPhone?

Now that you know what to expect in iPhone repair cost, you can decide if your broken phone is worth getting fixed or if you should just get a new one. If you’ve got water damage, it’s more likely that you’ll need to replace it, but most other things are pretty fixable these days…but at a cost.

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