How Much Is a Lion on TikTok Live? The Rare Gift Details Explained

Recently, there have been many gifts in Tik Tok, and you can send that to the creators. If you want to send the lion gift t someone you want, then you should know more about the money you spent to receive the lion. If you want to send a gift to someone on TiK Tok Live, then it will be a fun way to interact with the person who is your favourite creator; if you think of sending someone a lion gift, you can be prepared well to spend more money.

Nowadays, social media apps are very famous, especially Tik Tok has more interest, and you can use the platform to scroll through many funny videos. It not only scratches the surface Tik Tok offers, and by using Tik Tok, you can Dm your friends, post your Tik Tok videos in your browse stories, and watch live streaming videos in the tab. 

Live videos in Tik Tok are effortless, and some videos are streamed live; while scrolling, you will get the pop-up in your home tab. You can also click the live button at the top of the browser while you are in live streams. Every live stream, you can get live questions and answers and comments can be given to the creators. Then the Rose Button will allow you to send a virtual rose to the person you are watching. Recently, Tik Tok has a new Gift button, which will show you the many ranges of gifts you can use to send in live streamers.

You can also send a Finger heart, panda, flowers, dozens, perfumes, and many more with a Rose gift. More gifts are available; the price range will be between 5 to 99 coins, and some others will have 1000 coins. The most viral gift on Tik Tok is a lion gift displayed as a virtual lion that will walk up on the screen and roar at the audience and creator. It is one of the most impressive gifts in Tik Tok live gifts which can be sent to someone.

How much do the Tik Tok Lion gifts cost in real money?

Lion gift on Tik Tok Live costs 29 999 coins, one of the most expensive gifts available. If the Tik Tok user can buy the coins through different packages, you have to spend $ 0.99 for 65 coins. For 330 coins, you should have 330 coins; for 660 coins, you have $ 9.99. If you purchase more than 16 500 coins, you will get $ 249.99, and the Tik Tok Live lion will cost 29 999 coins. To send the life, you have to spend $ 400. If you buy live Tik Tok coins for the first time, you can save some more cash. The lion gift on Tik Tok is one of the most expansive gifts, and the title makes you know it is the universal gift. Live lion gift on Tik Tok is a virtual assortment, and if you want to send that gift, you have to get ready with $ 500 or 34 999 coins.    

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