How to Choose and Compare Prepaid Mobile Phone Plans?

If you need to save money on your monthly bills, you can start with your mobile phone plan. It is vital to pick the right plan for you to make sure you do not get locked into a plan or provider that does not suit your lifestyle. You can buy a SIM card and find a mobile carrier that works great for you. It is also easy to change plans as your needs change.

The mobile plan industry comprises two categories: postpaid and prepaid. The main difference between them is that you pay a postpaid plan at the end of a specific period, often 30 days, while you purchase a prepaid plan upfront. With prepaid mobile plans, you will have a certain amount of credit usage for your data, calls, and text. When you reach your credit usage limit, you’ll have to recharge the account in order to continue usage. On the other hand, postpaid plans allow you to use over the credit limit, but you need to pay for your extra usage.

Why Opt for a Prepaid Plan?

If you are seeking to control your mobile phone bill every month, prepaid plans are the way to go. You have the freedom to decide how much data you will use for a certain period when recharging your account. You are able to keep track and control your data expense. You will not find yourself having to pay an enormous phone bill with a prepaid plan since it has no additional usage fees.

Compare Important Features

  • Cost of the Phone: If you want to have a new mobile phone included on a plan, check if the total cost includes the unit itself.
  • Network Coverage: Find out the network coverage and speed of the service provider. The last thing you want is signing up to a mobile plan that doesn’t have network coverage where you work or reside.
  • Minimum Total Cost: It refers to the fee you need to pay over the duration of the contract.
  • Data: Make sure that the plan you are using has enough data to provide for your needs. Know how much additional data will cost you if you use more than your limit.
  • International Calls and Text: If you make calls overseas, check how much they cost as prices depend on the country. Check if a local SIM or an international data pack is cheaper compared to international roaming fees.
  • Contract Length: Find out how long you need to stay on a specific mobile plan. Typically, it is a 12, 24, or 36-month contract.

Selecting a Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan

The majority of prepaid phone plans offer limited calls and texts. It means you have to decide how much data you need each month when picking a plan. These plans can have up to 50GB of data or more. Another factor to consider is the length of expiration. The typical expiry period is 35days and 90 days. Some plans come with 365 days, and it’s wise to choose them since they can provide you with better data as long as you can pay the amount upfront.

These are some important things that help you pick the right prepaid phone plan for you. Before selecting what you want and buying a new SIM card, determine how these factors can meet your lifestyle along with your phone purchase.

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