How to Choose Best Moving Companies

Professionalism is a fundamental requirement for a stress-free move. A single negative experience is enough to understand the importance of relying on a severe company. We now give you some advice to choose the right company.

The experienced moving companies are equipped with suitable means and qualified personnel.

 The moving companies in phoenix usually provide:

– Vehicles with suspensions suitable for the transport of delicate materials and shockproof systems;

– Regularly hired and experienced staff;

– Quality material for packaging;

– If you need a warehouse for goods storage;

– Permits and authorizations to operate throughout the national and international territory;

– Few packers and movers companies also provides warehouses for the storage of the luggage

If you want to be sure you have chosen the best alternative, don’t settle for the first quote, but compare various offers.

What are the required permissions?

To carry out a move, a series of authorizations are required, including:

– The VAT number;

– Registration with the Chamber of Commerce;

Other additional certifications such as:

– International certifications that evaluate the quality and ethics of work (ISO 9000 and 8000);

– Must have insurance coverage proportional to the value of the goods;

How can you tell the trustworthy firms?

The possibility of an inspection to personally assess the volume of goods to be transported and the conditions of accessibility to the house;

Why avoid unauthorized firms?

When choosing, compare more and more quotes, and do not get attracted by offers, these can hide a lack of professionalism and a greater possibility of damage. Also, pay attention to the disposal of packaging or furniture. It must always be carried out respecting the environment and the respective regulations.

 Those who have worked in this sector for years do not love surprises and unexpected events just like you.

Suppose you have any doubts about the quote. In that case, you think that some aspect of the move has not been taken into due consideration or you think of some potential problem that you had missed, do not hesitate to call the company and expose your hesitations. The operations of a move are the same for everyone, so unless you want to move with poor results, the solution for an economical move is never to throw yourself headlong towards companies that offer bargain prices.

Assuming they are not scams, these companies are likely to perform shoddy jobs, and you will find yourself having to put back what you have saved in repairs of furniture or damaged items or services that most professional firms include in the price.

Save on packaging

When you are packing your items, incredibly fragile or delicate ones, you have to pack them carefully and ensure that there are no empty spaces in the box that would allow your things to move inside the boxes and suffer shocks.

To do this, polystyrene chips, bubble wrap, or airbags are usually used. An alternative for low-cost removals to these materials can be a crumpled newspaper. However, remember that ink can stain your items and that the materials listed above are much safer for the purpose.

Another cheap move packaging solution can be to use towels, cloths, old clothes and so on instead of newspaper. This would also save you volume as you wouldn’t have to worry about boxing these things apart.

It is not a mandatory step for requesting quotes. Still, by spending a few seconds, you can be sure that the selection reflects the final price without the risk of receiving nasty surprises if, for example, the overall load of the move is more voluminous than what it is. The firm had estimated based on a rough list of furniture and boxes.

However, the best way to be sure of the final price is to request an inspection from the moving companies so that an employee can personally assess. The extent of the move and the possible need for additional services or surcharges due to organizational difficulties (e.g. example, if you live on a high floor of a building without a lift, or if there is no space to park the vehicles of the company in the street where you live).

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