We offer you familiarizing yourself with recommendations of the choice of a solar water heating system for hot water supply.

Solar split systems can adequately provide you with hot water supply, but they cannot completely replace traditional heat sources for heating a room. They will help you save the resource of the existing boiler and the energy consumed by it, such as gas, liquid or solid fuel, and electricity.

The choice of the volume of the solar water heater for hot water.

To ensure hot water supply, you need to take into account that, as a rule, solar systems are installed based on the calculation of hot water consumption of 100 liters per 1 person. A standard 300-liter system’s capacity will be enough to heat 300 liters of water in the range + 35-70 ° C during daylight hours (depending on the initial temperature of the water, season, and weather).

On the possibility of using a solar split system for heating a house.

To calculate the solar collector system needed to maintain the heating of your building, you need to know the heat loss per sq. Square meters, the area of ​​the house, and the amount of coolant available in your heating system. As a rule, systems designed for use in heating should be specially designed for a specific object. For the approximate calculation, the following information may be sufficient for you.

For heating, you may need, depending on the degree of building insulation, a boiler with a volume of at least three times the coolant volume used in your heating system, with standard ceilings 2.5-2.8 m high. If 100 litters of coolant circulating in your heating system, you will need a system with a boiler with a volume of at least 300 litters. The number of vacuum tubes on which the thermal performance of the Hydro Solar solar hot water tank directly depends will be selected depending on the individual characteristics of your home.

In any case, we suggest switching to alternative energy sources in stages. This will avoid high costs for the purchase and installation of equipment and to test the effectiveness of this solution from our own experience.

As a test step, you can first install a split system as standard, i.e., it is likely that a system with 300 liters will be most suitable for your heating system and your climate. A tank comes standard with two collectors of 18 tubes each.

If during operation, it turns out that this is not enough, it will be possible to add one or two of the same collectors of vacuum tubes, or another collector, but with a total of no more than 72 cells.

It would help if you also kept in mind that the efficiency of solar systems in December and January will be minimal. It is unnecessary to rely on providing both domestic hot water and heating due to this source for a given time.

In a standard complete set, the Split system “Standard” (GVS + heating) includes:

Cumulative double-circuit steel tank with two copper heat exchangers

Internal tank – SUS 304-2B stainless steel (1.2-2.0mm, depending on tank volume);

The outer layer is galvanized painted steel (0.55mm);

Solar Collector SCH consisting of:

Aluminium frame, vacuum tubes (with a three-layer highly selective effective coating) with copper heat pipes (condenser diameter 14 mm).

Besides, you will need:

1. Special coolant for solar collectors, operable in temperature ranges from minus 60 to plus 270 degrees Celsius;

2. Insulation on these pipes (for laying along the street, for lying around the room)

3. The required volume of coolant, the length and diameter of copper or stainless pipes, the amount of insulation that can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius are determined depending on the length of the pipelines from the collectors to the boiler (storage tank).

It must be understood that the standard solar split system, which has only one storage tank (boiler), even with several heat exchangers, cannot simultaneously provide you with hot water and heating.

During your appeal, our experts can advise you on choosing the set of equipment you need to maximize the efficiency of your tasks, taking into account your wishes and financial capabilities. We will be glad to see you among our satisfied customers.

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