How To Choose The Best Wood For Your Main Door

The main door to your home is the one that is most visible from the street. It is probably the one you use the most. Of course, this is not always true as you may come and go via the garage door. However, the key factor that defines the main door is that it opens to your front yard or the street and is the first thing that people see when looking at your home.

If you’re choosing a door then you need to select one that reflects your personality, fits with the style of the property, and also provides a good level of security.

Although metal doors are generally considered to be the most secure, a good-quality hardwood door, such as this range of Parkwood doors, are highly secure and an excellent choice.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing the best wood for your front door.

The Manufacturer

You need to choose a manufacturer with a good reputation. This may seem strange when you are looking for what type of wood to use in your front door. However, a good manufacturer has a good reputation and this ensures the doors you buy are made of high-quality wood, not a cheaper copy.

Know Your Wood

In order to get the best possible wood for your main door you need to know what types are available:

  • Mahogany

This is considered the best option for any main door. Mahogany is very strong. In fact, it is generally considered to be tougher than oak. It is naturally dark, a red-brown colour that is likely to look stunning on the front of your home.

Of course, if you wish you can paint it.

  • Oak

You generally find two types of oak doors are available, red oak and white oak. As the names suggest, the colours of these woods are slightly different. Red oak also has a swirly pattern while white oak has more of a tiger stripe.

You’ll find oak looks great, it’s very strong, water-resistant, and isn’t affected by moisture.

  • Maple

Maple is another popular choice because it is dense, making it strong and difficult to cut or penetrate. Maple is also surprisingly affordable. Naturally, it is creamy coloured with a tinge of red, making it a stunning looking wood. 

  • Cherry

Cherry is classed as a hard wood making it especially good at resisting attacks. It is a red-brown-blonde colour and has a straight grain. This makes it easy to identify. The fact that it is very strong means it’s a good option for your front door.

However, you should note that cherry is generally quite expensive.

  • Pine

Pine is one of the cheapest woods available but it is still surprisingly strong and a good choice for your main door. In fact, it is resistant to swelling or shrinking. 

However, it can be easily scratched or dented, meaning that it is the least secure of all the wood options for main doors.

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