How To Dose & Administer CBD Treats To Your Dog

Giving Cannabidiol to your dog is undoubtedly a good idea, but here’s a question. Do you actually know how to dose it and how to administer it properly in order to get the most out of it and allow your pet to enjoy all the benefits? Well, taking into account the fact that you are here, I think it’s safe to assume that you are actually searching for answers to those questions since you don’t actually have them.

People usually have a different question when these products are in question, especially in the early stages of their research. I suppose you have, however, passed that early stage and that you are now on the more advanced level. After all, it seems that you have already made your decision to give this product to your pet, meaning that you already know the answer to the one question I am referring to.

Are you, perhaps, still wondering is cbd dog treats safe? If yes, then let me make this clear before we go any further and proceed towards explaining how these products should be administered and dosed. Let me make it as simple and as straightforward as possible. CBD dog treats are definitely safe to be consumed by your canines, because they don’t contain THC, or any other harmful substances. Research has shown that these can be given to animals without having to worry, since they won’t cause any side effects.

Here’s the trick, though. If you don’t want the products to cause any side effects, you will have to learn how to properly dose them and administer them. This is because giving a much higher dosage than recommended is bound to lead to certain unpleasant symptoms, just like overeating on your favorite dish would. I suggest you don’t make your dog go through those unpleasantries and learn, instead, how to be responsible when giving CBD treats to them.

How To Administer These

The great thing about CBD treats is that they can simply be given to the dog as any other treat, because canines are hardly able to resist these. They are tasty and you won’t have too much trouble administering them, since your furry friend will probably be rather excited to eat the product that you are trying to give it. This is probably because they don’t know it’s healthy for them, since dogs have a tendency of refusing to eat healthy things, as we all probably know.

Funnily enough, though, some canines might still give you a hard time and refuse CBD treats. It’s almost as if some of them have the ability to smell healthiness and then stay clear of it no matter how taste it might be. Okay, that might not be the real reason but, hey, I’d like to think that it is. Regardless of the reason, you might have to find a different way to give these to your picky pet, which is when you might need some tips from a useful source or two.

One of the things that you can do is just squish the treat into your canine’s favorite meal and hope that it doesn’t notice. If this ends up working, you will have completed your mission. Keep in mind, though, that direct administration is the best one and that you should always try that first. If the animal adamantly refuses to eat the treat, you might want to switch to CBD oil instead, because it is much easier to be added to its food and camouflaged.

How To Dose Properly

In addition to learning how to administer CBD treats, you should also learn how to dose them properly. In fact, this is the more important question out of these two since, if you remember what I was saying above, too high a dosage can lead to certain side effects. An extremely low dosage, on the other hand, can lead to you wasting your money on something that won’t have any health benefits for your dog. So, finding the middle ground is of crucial importance.

The only question that’s left now is how you can actually find that middle ground. Well, there are a few significant things that you will need to think about in the process and finding the ideal dosage might take some experimenting. Yet, there are certain general rules that you should stick to in order to play it safe while also getting the best possible results.

If you’re confused about dosing, here’s a helpful read:

There are three factors in particular that you need to keep in mind when trying to decide on the right dosage. The first one is, unsurprisingly, your animal’s weight. It’s perfectly logical that a larger dog will require more CBD treats, while a small one can benefit from a pretty low dosage. I guess that this doesn’t need further clarification.

The other important factor is the actual concentration of Cannabidiol in those treats, which differs from one product to another and depends on where you buy your CBD. What you should do is always check the label on the product, so as to see how much Cannabidiol the one you have bought contains and consequently determine the perfect dosage. Once again, if you use your logic, you’ll understand that those CBD treats with a higher Cannabidiol concentration are stronger. Lastly, you should also think about the actual ailment that you are trying to treat, because it also plays a role in the correct dosage.

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