How to Ensure Your WordPress Login Page is Invincible

Technology advancements empower the creation of sophisticated software. Hackers use it to crack simple passwords before you manage to say “stop”. Here are several steps you can take to make sure that you are safe from break-ins.

1) Have a Strong Password

Hackers use bots to try out combinations of letters/numbers/symbols to discover your password. Creating a strong password sequence allows you to extend the time it takes to find the correct combination. If you have a basic password of 10 characters or more, it will take 10 years to crack, according to BetterBuys.

Even a string of “abcdefghijfg” would take decades to infiltrate. If you take these further steps, you won’t have to worry about any brute force attacks:
– Adding a single letter to your sequence will extend hackers’ break-in time by 40 years.

-Add a complex mix of letters with numbers and your login page will be unbreakable.

– Symbols like “[email protected]#$%” make it even more difficult to guess your password.

– With the rapid improvements in technology, hackers become better at finding the correct password combination.

– Change your passwords regularly (at least once a month).

– Most people use a simple combination because they can remember it better. Using a password manager solves this issue. Password managers such as LastPass (Recommended) store your passwords in an electronic vault secured with AES-256 encryption. This is one of the strongest types of encryption that the US government uses to protect classified information.

2) Use a Unique Username

The hacker needs to know your username to access your account. Using a weak username such as “admin” leaves you vulnerable for attacks. Treat your username the same way you would your password. Make up a complicated string of letters/numbers/symbols (if it’s allowed) that contain NONE of these things:
– Your date of birth, social security number or telephone number

– You name or any names of people you know

– Celebrity names and birth dates

– Any info that people post online

You can store this username in the vault of a password manager and change it every month.

3) Duo Two-Factor Authentication

This plugin enables you to use 2FA. Now you can link your password to one of your devices (e.g. mobile, tablet). Even if someone knows your password, they will need your device to authenticate the login process. This will bring you one step closer to safety from data theft.

What can you do to stop any attempts to steal your data?

4) Buy an SSL Certificate

The best way to ensure absolute encryption between all parties is to buy SSL Certificate as it assures a secured tunnel between the server and the browser.

All types of transactions are encrypted before they are transmitted onto the web. Each piece of information is broken down into smaller parts. Each chunk of data is authenticated and enciphered before transmitting it to its destination.

Asymmetric encryption is utilized to protect you from any data theft.

With symmetric encryption, a single key is used to allow access to the information. The key is camouflaged in a sample text of a message, such that only the sender and recipient have the required code to decipher these messages. This is one of the oldest types of encryption that is still used in the US to protect military-grade information (e.g. AES-128, or AES-256).

With asymmetric cryptography, a single key is split into two smaller keys: a public key and a private key. So, if the information is transmitted between two channels, both would have different private keys and corresponding public keys. To unlock the data, the receiver needs to know the private key and the public key combination.

5) Protect Your Admin

It’s not possible to hack into your account if your login page is invisible. Using this plugin enables you to hide your true URL so that only you can access it. Your admin web page is for your eyes only. The “Protect Your Admin” plugin has a function where you can redirect anyone who manages to find the URL of your login page.

6)  Login Press

After a couple of failed attempts, you are provided with a login hint. Hackers can use this hint to try and guess your password. The “Login Press” plugin allows you to hide this hint so that only you can view it.

7) Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Hackers can never break-in from the first try. High-caliber software can be programmed to make 50 tries per minute. A simple way to counter this is to limit your login attempts. This plugin helps you customize the number of times you can enter a wrong password. We recommend putting this number to less than 4 attempts. If you have a password manager, then this number should be at 1 or even 0.

If you take all these steps, your account will be safe from any break-ins. With the current increase in brute force attacks, this kind of security is essential.

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