How to Host the Best Virtual Poker Tournament?

Gambling is a prevalent sport that is played all over the world. There are several variants of gambling, but one of the most loved variants is poker. Now you can enjoy poker over the Internet as there are several poker tournaments held over the Internet.One of the popular variants of poker is Ultimate Texas Hold’em. If you want to read a review of the game as it is an exciting variant, you can visit choose to play its tournaments. If you enjoy playing in such tournaments, you will surely love to host one of your own. If you want to host a perfect virtual poker tournament but don’t have enough experience and knowledge, you can read the tips mentioned below.

Choose the right platform.

You need to focus on several essential things while hosting an online poker tournament, but first and foremost, you need to pick the most suitable poker tournament platform. There are numerous online poker tournament platforms, and each one of them offers different features. You must consider all the platforms, know their features, and choose the one that perfectly fits all your needs and requirements. You must choose a poker tournament platform that offers you maximum freedom and allows you to customize the rooms according to your preference, and provide the best gambling experienceto the participants. It will allow you to customize the tournament format and make it more interesting, exciting, and fun.

Enable video chat

Before you host an online poker tournament, you must have a suitable video calling app, as you will need while hosting the tournament. It will allow you to see your opponent and help predict his plan and moves, seeing his facial expressionand gestures. It will also give freedom to the players to trash talk with the opponents and make the game more interesting. It is an important thing that can take the enjoyment of the poker tournament to new heights. The best option is using Discord as it will minimize the number of screens on the users’ computers. It is perfect for online gaming as it allows all the players to audio chat with each other simultaneously. You can start a chat room for the players playing in your poker tournament.

You must notify your guests that the chat channel is entirely optional, and some may not like to have several windows opened up on their computer screen. So, if they want to join the chat channel, there is no compulsion as they can simply put their complete focus on the game. You can also get current updates about poker tournaments on

Make arrangements for payouts and Buy-ins.

Payouts and buy-ins are two critical aspects of the poker game, and if you are hosting a virtual poker tournament, you need to make arrangements for them beforehand. You need to have a cash transfer app which you can use to collect the money from the players and provide the winners with their payouts. You must create a proper sheet for each game so that there is no confusion about the money.

Pick the correct type of tournament.

There are several types of online poker tournaments, and you need to know about all of them before hosting one of your own. So, if you want to host the best type of virtual poker tournament, you must read the varying types of tournaments mentioned below;

Weekly tournaments

Weekly tournaments are online poker tournaments that are held every week. Numerous online poker platforms allow you to host weekly poker tournaments. These tournaments have a wide range of prizes, rewards and buy-ins starting from $500 and going upto a whopping $1 million.

Daily tournaments

One of the most popular and widely hosted types of virtual poker tournament is the daily tournament. These tournaments are fast-paced and allow the guests to place maximum bets in minimum time. They offer a massive variety of buy-ins and games to the players. Daily tournaments have a fixed time for the day and night, and they start at the time only each day. If we talk about the prize pools in these tournaments, they hover between $1000 to $5000. The blind levels are fixed, but the number of tables may vary. Most of the daily poker tournaments are ‘micro’, which means they allow guests to make micro buy-ins, usually less than a dollar. Daily tournaments attract a massive number of novice poker players as they allow them to increase their bankrolls with great ease.

Know the rules

You cannot host a successful poker tournament over the Internet if you don’t have proper knowledge about it. So, before you host a tournament for your friends and relatives, you must gain properknowledge about it and ensure that you know all the ins and outs of online poker. Hosting a virtual poker tournament is highly convenient and easy as all you need to do is start the tournament and make the guest join through the game code.

There is no need to have all the setup buy chips, but still, you need to know about all the basic rules and gameplay of online poker so that you can host the tournament properly and ensure Fairplay. Moreover, if you host the game, all the money will be deposited with you, and if you aren’t aware of the rules, you may end up giving the money to the wrong person.

Enhance your skills

If you host a virtual poker tournament, you better be good at it; otherwise, you may lose all your money. No one would like to host a poker tournament, invite their friends and see them taking all the money home. There are several resources over the Internet that you can use to gain all the information and knowledge about online poker and enhance your skills and knowledge. Once you gain expertise in online poker, it will become more fun to host virtual tournaments as it will benefit you the most. There are chances that your friends may avoid playing with you once you beat them, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters in online poker is that who is taking the money home.

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