How to invest your time wisely

Tired of not making enough money to catch up with your colleagues over a beer after work? Or maybe you do not have enough spare cash to join your friends for vacation, again? Whatever reason you might have for making extra money there are ways to do so – outside of the workplace.

Below we have compiled a list of practical tips for you who want to make money away from your workplace. Even though it seems like you won’t be lifting a finger, it might be the wrong expression to use, because you do after all need to be using your fingers a lot – on the keyboard of your laptop or smartphone.

Sell valuable stuff that you do no longer use

Many of us have a wardrobe stuffed with designer clothes we no longer use, or tech stuff that simply is not necessary anymore. A few of us have, however, consider how much money we could make by selling this stuff. Sure, you need to put some effort into getting it sold, but since there are thousands of platforms dedicated for this today you do not have to work a lot for the money. You could use sites like eBay, Marketplace, Vestiaire or even Instagram if you prefer. Simply upload a picture, state a price and watch your money grow.

Try the phenomenon of sports betting

With the rise of the internet, there are lots of ways to gamble. Some prefer a proper guide to online casinos in the US, for entertainment, others would rather try the real deal or dealer if you will. But have you ever tried sports betting? Compared to online casinos, sports betting is more about strategic thinking than pure luck. Sure, you cannot be sure about the outcome of a sports game more than about the outcome of a slot machine, but there are still ways to improve your odds. You might find this beginners guide to sports betting helpful. But remember – betting should only be done for fun, and if you find yourself playing for more money than you can afford to lose, it is probably time to stop.

Get familiar with the hype of affiliate marketing

Did you know that the influencers you follow on social media does not simply post a beautiful picture of themselves and earn money? They actually have to do some kind of work to be living like they do. Usually, influencers are a part of a bigger affiliate marketing network, with which they generate traffic via their platform to companies and in such make money. So, if you want to make money without lifting a finger try affiliate marketing! You just need a blog, social media account or a website on which you promote services and products from companies.

Consider investing in index funds

What better way is there to make money than by investing some? The safest way to invest is probably by investing in index funds, which is a type of a mutual fund where the holdings trace a particular market index. This kind of investment is the best alternative for those who want to see long-term returns and not short-term profits. Index funds are very popular among investors, especially those who neither have the energy nor lust to invest in passively managed funds.

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