How to Keep Your Digital Memories Safe

How much do you value your digital memories? In a world that’s largely driven by technology, most people have no option but to create and store most of their content online. But the problem is that not everyone understands the value of their digital content.

Some people may recognize the value of digital content on a short-term basis but forget that they will need them in the future. Although there are different options for storing such information such as in hard drives, the truth is that the possibility of a hard drive being destroyed or malfunctioning is high.

Here are 10 steps on how to keep your digital memories:

  1. Make a quick backup

It is very risky to store all your documents and information in one place without any form of backup. What if your computer or mobile device crashed unexpectedly? The best option is to get a USB stick and transfer the folder containing your vital documents into it.

  • Decide what’s important

It is highly unlikely that everything in a computer or mobile device needs to be stored for future purposes. That’s why you need to decide what you value most to save disk space. Ask yourself several questions to determine this.

Would you mind if the document gets deleted tomorrow? Do you need the record of this document ten years down the line? How easy is it to replace the information? Will you be able to assess the value of all your data?

  • Avoid syncing your data into online services

This however doesn’t mean that you should not post your photos to any social media platform, doing that is always fun. The point is how safe will your documents or photos be? Besides, not all platforms will keep your data permanently or sometimes your social media account can be blocked or suspended.

  • Consider making backups

Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Just like in business, the law of diminishing returns applies in backups. There are different ways in which you can backup all your stuff including hard drives and USBs

  • Use online backup services with a pinch of salt

Online backup services are great but do not bank all your hopes on them. Ensure you retain copies of your data in a local disk or any other source.

  • Take advantage of mobile device storage

Your mobile devices can also act as a good backup source where you can store photos and other important information.

  • Be keen on your storage media

Replace your backup drives as soon as possible in case they fail. Don’t wait too long because you might end up losing important information.

You may not know when you will need that information even if it doesn’t belong to you.

  • Purchase a good reading software

You might not be able to read or view some of your information on some devices. That’s why you need to invest in good reading or conversion software.

  1. License your work if possible

In general, keeping digital records is as important as keeping any other information. It is good to understand the different options available and ensure your records are kept safely.

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