How To Make a Promotional Video for Your Company?

You might have often heard about promos or promotional videos being made by brands for social media. There are several platforms and websites where you will find ample promo videos. Since videos are very impactful in reaching out to the right target audience, several companies have already started using this method to promote their services and products. This includes multinational companies and SMEs from all sectors. But what exactly are promotional videos? And how do they help a company present their products or services to a target audience? In this article, we answer these questions and more. Plus, we have some tips on making an effective and catchy promotional video for your company.

What is a promo?

A promotional video (promo) is a brief of an idea, event, or sale expressed through a collection of pictures or through motion in a video. Promotional videos tend to look strikingly similar to a teaser in terms of their tone and style. This video is most often made to draw attention to a new sale, offer, or an upcoming product or service in a company.

Big brands are able to successfully grab the attention of their customers and drive better sales through promo videos. These teaser-like videos can be made more realistic and intuitive with the help of promo video maker or video editor programs. There are several options for video makers in the market. These video makers are equipped with the right tools to help create and edit the most relevant videos.

Steps to make an effective promotional video for your company

Here are 7 steps that anyone can follow to make a good promo video. By following these steps, you can create an intuitive and engaging video for your company.

Step 1: Create a script

Just like any other video, a promotional video is more of an idea represented through video. The first and most important  step is to create a script. This might sound basic, but the reality is that this is the most crucial part of making a promo video. It is important to capture every ingredient you want in your final video. While creating the video,  it helps to ask questions like what you are going to promote in the video? What will be the promotional angle? To make it easier to remember, make a timeline or a video presentation guide and keep jotting down these important points.

This step should help you identify your goals and present them in a video with vibrant colours, images and motions.

Step 2: Set the direction

Once you define the “Why make this video?”, you can give it direction with your thoughts. Decide whether it will be used on your website’s homepage, social media, or any other platform. This is also where you decide about the video’s setup and brand speak inclusions. Not all promos talk about the brand all the time; some also showcase your product, sale, or service as well.

Here is how you can make the ideal video:

  • First, create the introduction through which you present or start talking about the product or the service you wish to promote
  • Next, explain the offered service or product to your target audience
  • Remember to include the problem/solutions in the video
  • Focus on the narrative. This is where you introduce the voice over and showcase your offerings
  • The next section of the video can be product-focused
  • Remember to end the video with a CTA to intrigue yor audience and prompt them to take the desired action to connect with your brand

Step 3: Set a tone for the video

Many small enterprises forget or neglect this point. But setting a tone for a video is of utmost importance. Your video’s tone makes it clear to consumers what you wish to offer them. The tone of the video determines how effectively you will be able to reach out to your audience. Different promo video makersoffer  various features and tones that help create compelling and engaging promotional videos. Some video makers like InVideo have extensive options.

Remember to keep these characteristics in mind while creating your company’s promotional video:

  • Conversational
  • Dramatic
  • Urgent
  • Fun
  • Playful
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring

Step 4: Create a timeline of your vision

Before you start creating a video, you need to have a clear vision, or a complete idea of what you will be creating and how you want the final video to look like. Create a timeline and put up some random videos based on your vision. This is good practice because a good timeline will help tell your story more effectively. Before creating your video, you can of course edit certain elements accordingly.

Step 5: Start creating the video

The above steps form the basis on which your video will be constructed. It will help you create an outline and visualize the final video. Now is the time to start creating the video. Shoot videos at appropriate locations and remember to leave space if you wish to add some narrative in the video. Many video editors often provide a complete outline of the video, so this makes it a lot simpler for you.

Step 6: Assemble the video and add graphics

It is time to enrich your video with some editing and graphics. Use graphics, motions, colours and other enhancements to bring your vision to life. Trim and crop out all the irrelevant content from your video and keep only the best parts that most accurately portray your vision.

Step 7: Share it across social media platforms

Your promotional video needs promotion too. Once you edit and get the desired result, make sure to share it across all available platforms using the right hashtags.


Making a promotional video can be a fun exercise. It allows you to incorporate creative elements to tell a story and bring a product to life. What’s more, you can infuse it with your own personality. You can add humour, wit or anecdotes to convey your message.

If you follow the above steps, you should be able to create an engaging video that keeps your audience hooked until the very end.  So get going! You have all the ingredients to create an impactful promo for your company.

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