How to Make a Video Presentation With Audio in 5 Steps

How to surprise the audience with a really captivating presentation? The best option is to show a unique video with audio. A video presentation is a multifunctional tool for any purpose. A catchy picture, concise text, and a suitable soundtrack can boost sales, help to promote a product, or bring your message to the right people.

It’s not difficult to find simple software, a sound recorder, make a moodboard or create a schedule for a small project. But if you want to create something better than a short slideshow with template effects, you need to add a little creativity and advanced skills. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to create a video presentation and, also, share the best tools which will be a great help to your project. 

Before planning the presentation, you need to be aware of the best type of content for you and how you can benefit from it. After choosing the right type that suits you, decide how and where to make your presentation. The advantage of video presentations is their versatility – they are suitable for any website or event, so you can place the same video on diverse services without changes, and then show it to the audience in the office or anywhere else.

You can’t just place several slides and videos together and expect a positive result. You might be lucky enough to grab your audience’s attention for a few seconds. The skill of creating presentations must be mastered. Check the tips below to learn how to make quality, unique content.

Step 1 – Define Your Goals and Audience Correctly

First of all, an effective presentation must be directed to the right audience. That is why, you must know to whom you are showing information: an investor, a buyer, or a new employee. If a person wants to buy your product or use your services, they are unlikely to be interested in the history of your business and the financial well-being of the company. On the other hand, a potential investor is more interested in your sales than in the variety of products you offer.

Step 2 – Stick to One Style and Discard Patterns

Your main weapon is your unique flow. But unique does not mean variegated and varied. Choose a general color scheme for images and animations and stick to it. Search the internet for examples of successful video presentations and build on them to add your own. If you have a video presentation with music, you shouldn’t change the audio in the middle of the story.

Step 3 – Dose Information of Presentation

It can be tempting to fit as much info as possible into your presentation so the audience can understand the topic better. But what is really important to remember that you are the only one who is interested in the presentation and you might cause more harm than good by overloading it with facts. Make the video informative but short.

Step 4 Visualize Information without Conveying It in Text

It’s possible that you have dozens of video ideas, but none of them will deliver the expected result without the correct content. Top-notch visuals are the key to creating the best presentation. Even if it needs to be going over budget to hire a professional designer, don’t skimp. A video presentation looks much better than a text presentation.

Step 5 – Expand Your Software

Creating high-quality video presentations also requires a wide range of soft for animations, video editing, and, also, audio recording, excluding the software to assemble all the elements into a final presentation. If you’re used to using starter software or free versions of apps, buy a subscription or start learning more advanced programs. This will affect the quality of the content.

Now it remains only to choose the right software to work. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need professional tools that take months to master. One of these programs is ideal for your project scope. 

  • Vyond (formerly GoAnimate). The program has a rich library of ready-made templates for video presentations and allows you to create animated videos.
  • Moovly. This program allows you to create not only video presentations but also animated banners and infographics. Video download is available in the demo version.
  • SparkolPro. The program allows you to create a doodle video, in which the drawing unfolds right on the screen.
  • Wideo. There are ready-made templates for creating presentation videos about goods and services.
    ProShow Producer. A service for creating videos from photos and images. Videos can be saved in 40 different formats – which will allow you to play the presentation on all types of devices.

Only you decide how you want your video presentation to look and sound, and what techniques to use for grabbing the viewer’s attention. Regardless of where you will share your video with the audience – in a cafe or even on YouTube – keep in mind to whom you are presenting information and what your goal is. Do your best to keep the viewer’s attention and be brief.

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