How to Rate the Quality of Free Spins Bonus in 6 Steps

You are faced with choices in life and being informed will help you in making more suitable decisions. This is equally true of free spins bonuses at online casinos, which are extremely popular amongst players. Sometimes an online casino will ask you to pick one from a number of free spins offers. At other times you may have to choose from two or more online casinos based on the quality of free spins offered. In this article we lead you through a simple 6-step process that will ensure your making the right choices. There are other issues involved in the selection of online casinos, but here we assume that the other things are equal.

Step 1 – The Number of Free Spins Awarded

In cases where you do not have to make a deposit, the greater number of free spins are obviously better. It is now customary to give a no deposit free spins offer to new players as a part of the welcome package, but beyond that you will usually have to make a deposit. The question that new players frequently ask us is how to balance the number of free spins with the deposit asked.

We advise players to look at the number of free spins per unit of deposit. If the number of free spins is numerically less than the deposit amount (for example, 20 free spins against a deposit of $50), then we do not rate the offer very highly. The quality of the offer gets better as the ratio of the free spins to the deposit gets bigger. There is a caveat, however. Often, against the deposit you also get a bonus along with the free spins and this will have to be factored in the calculation.

Step 2 – The Wagering Requirement

The wins from the free spins are credited to your bonus account. This money does not immediately become yours. You have to play it through a specified number of times and this is referred to as the wagering requirement. If you can complete the wagering requirement then you will be permitted to cash out the eligible amount. Otherwise, you do not get monetary value from the free spins.

Lower wagering requirements are always better. The highest quality free spins bonus will not have any wagering, but these are rare. According to our experience, you will be able to complete wagering requirements of 50x or less most of the time. If the wagering requirement is more than 50x, we suggest that you avoid the bonus.

Step 3 – Maximum Cashout Limit

If after successfully completing the wagering requirement there is an amount left in your bonus account then you will be entitled to transfer some of it to your cash balance, which you can withdraw or use for betting. If you are lucky then the final bonus balance can be a huge one. You have not paid for the bets in the free spins and therefore have not taken any risk. It is therefore understandable that the online casino will impose an upper limit on the amount that can be cashed out.

We have come across limits ranging from $5 to $100. Our suggestion is that any maximum limit of less than $20 is not worth the effort. Otherwise grab what you get because a freebie is a freebie.

Step 4 – The Free Spins Games

We have covered the three most important free spins terms and conditions but three more are left. Here we discuss the slot games on which you can play the free spins. Most offers specify only one game and you have no choice. We assure you that the game will be one of the most popular at the online casino. Sometimes you will be given a few games from which to choose. There are also free spins offers in which you can pick from all the slots games at the online casino, except from an excluded list. The list will usually be given under bonus terms and conditions.  

Step 5 – Maximum Bet Limit

The free spins have to be played at the bet given by the online casino and you have no choice in the matter. Once the winnings from the free spins have been credited to your bonus balance then you have to choose the bet amount. Online casinos impose a maximum limit on the bet, which could be an absolute amount or a percent of the bonus balance. As long as you are less than that you are fine. If you exceed the maximum bet limit then the winnings from that bet will be voided.

Many players have asked us the rationale for this maximum bet limit. Since the bets are not being paid for by the player, there is nothing lost in taking risks with large bets in an attempt to win big and complete the wagering requirements quickly. This puts the online casinos at a disadvantage and that is the reason for the limit.

Step 6 – Time Allowed for the Free Spins Offer

The time permitted for playing the free spins and completing the wagering will be specified in the bonus offer. It usually ranges from 24 hours to 7 days and the bonus will be forfeited after the given time expires. Even 24 hours is sufficient time, but players have been known to miss out because they left the wagering for later and forgot about it or something more important cropped up. Our suggestion is that you complete the bonus as soon as you claim it to avoid any forfeiture.

Responsible Gambling at Online Casino

While we encourage our readers to gamble at online casinos, we insist that they do so in a responsible manner. Online gambling is meant to be fun and you should never bet more than you can afford. Check out this site for more information on Responsible Gambling.

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