Indica or Sativa: What to Choose?

You’ve finally decided to try out some marijuana. However, you don’t know which strain to try first. All that cannabis lingo just flies over your head. Yeah, we know just how you feel, and we’ve got your back. This article will take you through everything you need to know about both the Indica and Sativa strains of marijuana. If you’re also interested in the art of growing your Indica or Sativa marijuana seeds, we’ve also got you covered. Let’s get into it then!

Indica vs. Sativa: Morphological Differences

Irrespective of your plans with your marijuana (either to smoke or grow it), you need to be able to differentiate between both strains. To identify both, you need to understand how the plants and seeds of each look like.

Indica Strains

Naturally growing in the cooler climes of South Asia and the harsh weathers in mountainous areas like Afghanistan, Indica plants have an adaptation to tough conditions. India plants have short, thick, and full buds, while their leaves are short and wide with a deep green color.

They have a faster bloom compared to Sativa plants, so they’re a better choice for people who want to grow their marijuana themselves. The Indica strain also produces a particularly dense resin which helps to protect it from harsh weather. This resin is responsible for a high percentage of Indica’s THC content and contributes to Indica’s “high” effect.

Sativa Plants

Indigenous to dry and hot climes of Western Asia, Africa, and Central America, Sativa strains love the heat. Their plants grow taller than the average human, reaching heights between 8 – 18 feet. Their buds are taller and thinner compared to the Indica strain. Their leaves also have a lighter green color.

However, they are slow growers, so if you’re planting this strain, you’ll need a little patience before you can get that “high” feeling you crave. Their buds also have a good resistance against molds common in the humid, moist conditions of tropical areas.

What causes the difference between both strains is largely unknown. While research claims it is due to the different ways humans breed these strains, some parties believe adaptation and location of growth are what caused the differences between both.

Indica and Sativa Seeds

If you want to grow either or both strains, you might have a hard time finding the right seeds. This is because telling their seeds apart is a little bit difficult. However, you could find a reliable online cannabis store that sells Sativa and Indica marijuana seeds. An example of such a store is Herbies.

Indica Vs. Sativa: Types of High

If you’re just interested in the feeling either strain brings and do not care about differentiating both, then this is the part of this piece you’ll enjoy.

Indica’s Type of High

Indica, popularly called “in-da-couch,” produces a relaxing and anticlimactic kind of high. Its high has a more physical effect, with Indica smokers tending to develop “couch lock.” Couch lock is a cannabis term for people who are so relaxed that they can not get up from their sitting position. Scientists have identified the high levels of Indica’s cannabidiol (CBD) content to be the reason behind its sedative properties.

Sativa’s Type of High

If you need a stimulant to get tasks done, the Sativa strain is your best bet due to the energizing and uplifting high it brings. However, its effects are more cerebral, and it gives its smokers a higher level of focus, productivity, and creativity. Its more intense high is due to its high content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

However, it is important to note that the type of feeling you’ll experience from smoking either of these strains largely depends on factors like your weight and regularity of smoking. However, the experiences above are the most frequent with most smokers.

Indica vs. Sativa: Uses

Choosing a strain also largely depends on the activities you’ll be engaging in after consumption. If you got some tasks to do after consumption by now, you should know you shouldn’t go anywhere near the Indica strain. Below are some other functions of both strains:

Indica’s Uses

Due to the deeply relaxing effects Indica produces, you should only consume it when you do not have much to do. Activities like dealing with grief, yoga, watching movies, or just lazing around are the best companion of Indica consumption. If you’re also trying to have the most relaxing sleep you’ll ever experience, a few puffs of Indica would put you right to it.

Sativa’s Uses

Sativa produces cerebral effects. Hence its uses are related to activities that require you to think. If you need to brainstorm, get some creative work done, clean your house, or do anything that requires you to expend energy, Sativa is your go-to buddy.

Indica vs. Sativa: When to Use

The time you smoke could also be a determining factor in choosing a particular strain. This applies especially to people who have other activities lined up for the day but still want to get a few puffs in between. Below are the best times to take either strain:

When to Use Indica

You do not want to be smoking the Indica strain when you still have a myriad of activities lined up for the day. The best time to get those relaxing effects would be just after closing off from work in the evening or late at night before bed. This will help ease you into that relaxing state and guide you into a peaceful slumber for the next day’s activities.

When to Use Sativa

If you’re the type who easily gets exhausted in the middle of tasks, you might need to have a Sativa around. A Sativa is perfect for an afternoon smoke when you’re already getting exhausted from the day’s work. It helps to energize you for that final lap and keep you focused and productive.

Indica vs. Sativa: Medical Uses

People who have medical prescriptions for marijuana usually need it for its anxiety-calming or pain-killing effects. However, some might also need it to help them focus (e.g., ADHD patients).

The former group needs the Indica strain, while the latter needs the Sativa strain. However, purchasing marijuana for a medical prescription could be a little tricky. This is because most private sellers sell hybrids to get them to grow fast. This means you might not get the pure strain you need.

However, some stores still grow the pure strains for their consumer’s benefit. An example of such a store is Herbies.

Indica vs. Sativa: Final Thoughts

Despite the generic effects both strains give in most cases, individualized experiences could be different. This is because there are many other chemicals in these strains that contribute to their high feeling and could affect people differently. Hence, we’d advise you should try the other strain if one doesn’t give you the desired effect.

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