Industries likely to be influenced by bitcoin growth

Use of digital currencies for payments was unheard for centuries ago. Barter trade system gave way to paper and plastic money all which has led to the inception of payment methods like bitcoin. The digital currency sector has progressively been increasing over years with more and more people joining the The purchase of bitcoin consequentially affects the value of the product through the rise and fall of demand and supply. It just recommended you practice utmost caution when choosing the website to buy bitcoins from today. As the use of the currency and its ledger, block chain system increases, expect different industries to be affected either positively or negatively. The following are some of the common industries to face major changes should block chain and bitcoins become a part of country economies.

The banking industry

Banks are among the most common institutions today acting as intermediaries between different transactions. Every amount that you transact is likely to be faced by some fee charged. The amount charged increases with the increase in amount being transacted. Block chain systems eliminate third parties from transactions and encourage peer to peer transactions. This basically means that you enjoy not just faster transactions but also improved security due to minimal external involvement in your transactions. The banking industry is therefore likely to experience reduced losses from the reduction in number of people using it make transactions and payments.

Cyber storage system and transactions

Existence of central security in the recording and storage of information can easily be the source of all problems like hacks that people experience. The various entry points to the systems can be accessed and manipulated destroying the purity of the information stored. Once a bitcoin transaction has been made, you should expect the records to be automatically stored in the system and the block chain security system does not allow for entries to manipulate the automatically stored data. You can only access it for viewing and not editing meaning that hackers can barely get wind of your transactions and bitcoins.

Procurement and supply chains

Supply chains get very hectic when transparency cannot be prioritized. Businesses can easily alter the details of the receipt among other documents in order to participate in corruption and fraudulent activities. The businesses in turn end up suffering the losses since identifying such alterations can be hard without a reliable team of auditors. You can do your audits with block chain system once bitcoins becomes officially used in the economy. The audits will be transparent due to the purity of the files stored on the block chain system. Manipulating these details is impossible hence meaning you can always track the source of your goods. Transactions also become easier since the fee charged on transaction are lower compared to the bank rates that are often high.

Different facets of health care

Healthcare has greatly suffered from external attacks and manipulation of data over the years. This breaches the privacy of patient records which need to be upheld at all costs. Health care systems can now entrust their details for instance patient records with block chain systems in order to increase the security of the details. Knowing the difference between authentic and fraud medication is also simple when you choose to use block chain system for your transactions. Every bitcoin transaction ever made should exist in the responsible block chain system. This means that you can trace the medication you are buying from the manufacturer to the seller through the transactions that are made and recorded online. It reduces the chances of fake medication flooding the market hence protecting the consumers.

Government voting and revenue collection

Voting is the process countries use to elect new leaders into place for a specified amount of time. Relying on local authorities to oversee the process has failed repeatedly in many countries which is why people sought for better solutions like block chain system management.  Using block chain management systems for voting can increase security for the voting details which can highly be manipulated when using the traditional voting systems. Taxation can also become easy since all transactions are recorded in the ledger also called block chain system.


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