Instagram Reels – Creative Ideas to Gain Followers

Today, reels are the gateway engagements, exposure, growth, and success on Instagram. If you are a beginner or your reels aren’t working, then worry not because in this article we will be discussing the best creative Instagram reel ideas that’ll help you gain a good number of followers. Also, we would suggest you check out the best site to buy Instagram auto likes from to succeed on Instagram.

Let’s start with the creative reel ideas:

Make an Intro Reel

To start with, the first idea from our side for you would be to film a quick intro reel. We would suggest you take this opportunity to introduce yourself, your team, your story, brand, product, or anything that you want. You can even tell your audience simply just who you are and what you do. This is because when people get to know about the real personality of any individual or human behind their favorite brands, they tend to develop a stronger connection with them. You never know if people relate to your story and, as a result, they’ll prefer you over everyone else. People on Instagram come across thousands of reels every day and, amidst all of them they follow just a few of them with whom they can connect.

Keep Up With The Trends

This one is a must-do thing rather than the best Instagram Reels ideas. You should always stay up to date with trends in terms of music, filter, dance, or any such thing and should definitely use them in your reels. If someone is not taking advantage of it at the moment, then the person is missing out on a lot of opportunities. You can keep track or simply browse Instagram’s reels section to get the best trends for yourself. The reason behind this is that it’s great to utilize the trends and increase your Exposure by both the algorithm and a huge number of viewers. Therefore, this is a must to boost your exposure, engagements, and altogether, take your Instagram to a whole new level.

Give a Sneak Peek

Giving a sneak-peek into something you’re creating through a short reel is among the best creative ideas to gain followers on Instagram. It is a very smart, powerful, and effective strategy to get your viewers excited as well as curious about you.  By sharing such little snippets here and there, will give people a reason to look forward to you and will also indirectly lead them to follow you. It’s like a teaser or trailer to a blockbuster movie. Hence, they can start counting down that something amazing is on the way until the time it’s actually released.

Take Your Audience Behind-the-Scenes

The idea behind this is to share what is your life actually like beyond those few minutes. It can be a glimpse at the struggles, efforts, or how you do all those things on a daily basis. Sometimes these behind the scenes come out to be really filled with fun while other times it can also be motivating for those who relate and aspire to be like you. All these are proved to be very effective in building trust, loyalty, and respect among your followers towards you.

Make Before & After Reels

Before & After or Transformation videos are one of the most popular Instagram reels ideas.  The before and after transformation can be of anything such as transformation in terms of looks, initial items to a finished product, makeup transformation, a blank page to a beautiful painting, or something else entirely.  The reason that these types of reels are loved so much is due to their creativity. When going from one part to another, no one gets to know what’s coming next. In addition, a before and after can be unimaginably done for so many things.

Create Useful Content

Today, there are millions of content posted all over the internet and it is us viewers who invest precious time in watching only a few selected ones from them. Out of those few videos, most of them are the ones that are useful to us in some way or the other. Those videos may teach you something, may entertain you, or just be beneficial to you in any way. Therefore, we would suggest you film a reel, in which you choose such a topic or put in such content, that your audience finds useful. These could be how-to videos, step-by-step videos, DIY, tutorial, short entertaining ones, or anything else.

Offer Tips & Tricks

Just like these creative reel ideas, if you also have tons of valuable tips and tricks, then you can definitely use them to gain followers. Offer up a tip, trick, or answer FAQs on a topic that your audience connects with and is genuinely interested in learning more about. You can also encourage viewers to engage on your profile. You can do so by asking them to leave suggestions of what they would like to learn about next.

Final Thoughts

With all these said, we’re sure that these ideas would be more than enough for you to generate an endless supply of amazing Instagram Reels. After a point, you might feel that your following is not moving forward. At that time you can buy legit Instagram comments from to maintain your social authority and dominance. You can also do it immediately as an additional effort to stand out and grow!

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