Is Cheryl Scott Still Engaged to Dante Deiana? No wedding ring sparked divorce rumours Details discussed

Meteorologist Cheryl Scott may be seen on ABCchicago in the early morning and on the weekends. Fans are just as interested in her private life as her public career. And no one has ever thought that she and Dante Deiana were engaged since she isn’t wearing an engagement ring.

Is Cheryl Scott still engaged to Dante Deiana?

Many of Cheryl Scott’s fans wonder whether she and fiancé Dante Deiana are still together after all this time. In July 2018, the pair got proposed at a beautiful sunset atop a Hawaiian volcano. Chicagoan Dante “Dante the Don” Deiana, 35, popped the question atop Haleakala, the dormant volcano in Maui. Scott posted pictures of the couple on Instagram with the caption, “At this time.” She reflected on a volcanic peak at dusk with the woman of her dreams, “it all came together.”

ABC7 Chicago meteorologist Scott proudly displays her sparkling diamond ring in a recent Instagram post. Dante, Scott’s fiance, is an American DJ, music programmer, and marketing director. But he didn’t start in the same direction professionally. He earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and political science from Loyola University Chicago in 2005 and studied law. He had a shaky beginning working as a clerk for a legal company.

He began DJing while he was only a student at St. John’s High School. His mom encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ in the music business. Deiana never planned to spend the remainder of his career as a DJ and has shown an interest in branching out in the past. Following his business journey, he joined forces with the Forward Hospitality Group and the Uproar Hospitality Group. At Magnolia Coffee & Donuts, where he is a partner, he oversees all of the fun stuff. Deiana has worked as a contributor to Barstool Sports since 2008.

The Absence of a Wedding Ring on Cheryl Scott Is a Shocking Discovery

After becoming engaged, Cheryl Scott often posted photos of her ring on Instagram. Although she used to wear her ring often, she has stopped doing so recently, indicating that the couple has broken up. She hasn’t given her fans any updates on her relationship status with Deiana, so it’s safe to assume they’ve broken up. They last saw her wearing the ring on Instagram on March 12, 2022. But in a recent picture, she is not sporting her engagement band or ring. A photo of her wearing a wrist wrap from shopdesseda was recently shared on GoodAmerica. Her weekend outfits have been winning over fans.

Are Cheryl Scott and Jeremy getting married?

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana were planning to be married, but her recent Instagram post casts doubt on that. She also hasn’t shared any photos of herself or her boyfriend in quite some time. On October 13, 2021, she shared her last message with him in honor of his birthday. We certainly hope the couple is still together and that they will soon share news of their wedding. They made an excellent couple and set a high standard for their followers to follow. We will let you know as soon as they make an official statement about their wedding plans.

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