Is Dream’s real name Clayton Ray Huff? Twitter doxxing states he’s from Longwood, Florida

Doxxed claims that Clayton Ray Huff is the true identity of the musician known as Dream. Because of the mystery surrounding Twitch broadcasters, they are often featured in the media. It’s interesting to see how eager fans are to figure out what they are as a group. The next Twitch broadcaster to get their identity verified is one known only by the alias Dream. As for Dream, he has over 6 million followers on Twitch and a stunning 29 million subscribers on YouTube. He is one of the most popular streamers in the world. His Minecraft videos that he streams on Twitch have garnered much attention.

Who Is Clayton Ray Huff?

Richard Avedon, who characterized himself as a “youthful gamer,” was subjected to doxxing at the hands of the administrators of an online game he was playing. The finest League of Legends players on the internet is now competing against one another on video platforms such as YouTube,, and other websites to determine which player is the best. Dream has previously disclosed that the doxing of his private information occurred not too long ago. According to the most recent information gathered, his address in Longwood, Florida 32779, is 2710 English Ivy Courtroom.

The fact that there is a Twitter account with the name “Clayton Ray Huff 2” demonstrates that Goals may indeed be Clayton Ray Huff. As a result of the revelation that the profile contains personal photographs, a video has been added. According to information on the internet, Dream is 22 years old as of this moment. After publishing Nathan Grayson’s details, the former college student made controversial comments during one of his Twitch broadcasts. Consequently, he was subjected to verbal abuse and threats from other website users. According to him, if you are a Twitter user with just seven followers and you are doxxed, the odds of anything negative happening to you are so little that it is not worth your time to be concerned about it.

Is Clayton Ray Huff Dream’s real name?

A significant number of reliable sources have established beyond a reasonable doubt that Clayton Ray Huff is, in fact, Dream. In December of 2021, the streamer made his first effort to display his face to the outside world. During the same year, he trolled a significant number of his followers in the same manner. As a result, a good number of admirers now assume that Dream himself is responsible for uploading some of his previous videos and personal information on the internet.

In March of 2021, a picture that was circulating on Twitter that claimed to depict Dream donning a Corpse beanie gained tremendous popularity. When the streamer erased the post so rapidly, it gave the impression that it was published earlier. Dream also published an image of his hair on his Instagram account. The remaining portion of his face was concealed by his smiling face masks, which were able to be seen in the shot.

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