Is it true that Charissa Thompson, an ESPN star broadcaster and Jay Williams broke up, or are they still together? Details discussed!

Charissa Thompson and Jay Williams have officially ended their relationship. Who is the well-known commentator’s present partner, and how long have they been together? All of her family and her estimated fortune are out in the open. Charissa Thompson, a sportscaster with Fox Sports, is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures working in the sports media industry today. As a consequence of her many years of experience working as a sports commentator for major networks such as ESPN, MSNBC, BTN, and GSN, she is well-known in the business. The TV reporter’s bond with her colleague, the former NBA great Jay Williams, also gained a lot of attention. They first began dating in 2013.

Is It True That Charissa Thompson and Jay Williams Broke Up? 

Charissa Thompson and Jay Williams, a basketball player who plays professionally, had previously ended their relationship. In 2013, they were seen together for the first time during a Justin Timberlake concert, which sparked rumours that they were dating at the time. They were also seen lounging and having fun together during last year’s Super Bowl. ESPN employed both Thompson and Williams at the same time. As broadcasters and commentators for college basketball, Charissa and Williams both accomplished great success in their respective careers. Later on, they were able to prove their relationship, but it never developed into anything more serious. They had been together for a considerable amount of time before making the decision to terminate their relationship.

Who Is Charissa Thompson’s Husband?

The sports agent Kyle Thousand has just tied the knot with Charissa Thompson. The couple announced their engagement in the month of January 2020, and they tied the knot on December 30 of the same year. They had been seeing one other for close to a year before proceeding to the next stage of their relationship and becoming engaged. Charissa was married when she was just 25, but her marriage did not endure. The sports reporter’s former spouse is someone she would prefer not to talk about in public. Kyle, her spouse, is a sports agent and leads the baseball department at Roc Nation Sports, where he is employed. In addition to this, he was a baseball player in the past and was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays, who compete in Major League Baseball.

Net Worth and social media details of Charissa Thompson 

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Charissa Thompson has a net worth of around three million dollars. The sportscaster is also fairly well-known across a wide range of social media platforms, including Twitter. She has amassed over 375 thousand followers on her Instagram account as of this moment in time. The lady, who is now 39 years old, was born and raised in the city of Seattle, Washington; however, she and her husband now make their home in the city of Malibu in the state of California.

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