Beautiful pics of Katarina Zarutskie feet & legs

Katarina Zarutskie, a popular Instagram model who got popular after getting bitten by a shark while she was posing for her pictures. She is a 19 years old girl who spent her childhood in California, United States. The nationality of the actress is American. She is studying at the University of Miami. Further, the actress is planning to get a double degree in business and nursing. 

Katarina Zarutskie was living with her boyfriend and his family in the Bahamas. She was quite eager to watch the beautiful sights of the Bahamas. She was keen to get some photographs into the waters. While taking photographs, one nurse shark munched down on her arm and pulled her underwater. The Shark gripped for over 10 seconds. Later she got stitched and has a scar on her arm.

With this incident, she gained thousands of new followers and has a blog heading ‘Vogue and Vegetables.’ The actress is quite active on Instagram and has over 60k followers. Katarina Zarutskie was also accused of being careless because of the incident and social-media obsessed.

She rejects all the accusations made by the local people, and she has been quite upset because of the hateful and rude comments made by the general public.


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