Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones in Nursing Facilities

Due to these difficult times of the covid-19 pandemic, it is exigent to not able to see and meet your loved ones. It is especially more difficult if your loved ones are in a nursing facility. The number of affected patients is increasing; the government implements lockdown and cannot meet them raises a million questions in your head. The nursing facilities have stopped allowing outside visitors to abide by social restrictions as the covid-19 is spreading fast. You can know about Spectrum Healthcare as they provide amazing staffing services.

There will be many questions rising in your head, including their timely medicines, precise logs, their safety, and more. In these hard times, when even a normal person feels anxious, it is difficult for people living in a nursing facility not to feel lonely. It is the truth that uncertainties can happen, but you must ensure that you put your efforts to lessen the uncertainties.

You can do certain things from your end to ensure your loved ones are safe and are not lonely in a nursing facility.

Deliver a care package

As a sweet gesture, you can deliver a care package to your loved ones. Make sure to add items that will make them feel good, add some fun items to relax them, and provide them comfort and add their favorite charms and snacks. Before sending the care package, contact the nursing facility, and ask if they accept any outside delivers. Also, ask them to sanitize the package and then provide it to your loved ones.

Communicate with your loved ones verbally via technology

The effortless thing that you can do is to use your phone to talk to your loved ones. In the covid-19 pandemic, you may not be able to move outside and go to a nursing facility. You can do communicate with your near ones using technology through call or video call. Engage your loved ones in some video calls activities like sing songs, play crossword puzzles, and read poetry. Make them feel they are not lonely and send positivity through your words.

The advanced technology has introduced people to so many different platforms for video calls, including Zoom, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime, and more. If they don’t have a phone, then ask their attendant to allow them to video call or phone call through their phone.

Send merry notes and cards to propel positivity.

All people who are in a nursing facility seek love and happiness from others because of their illness or health conditions. They would love the cards and letters and feel special from this small gesture. If you can’t visit them, make handwritten letters and cards and send them electronically. If they cannot read, then ask attendants to read for them and make them know that you care.

Ask for updates from staff.

All you can do is make sure to ask the updates from staff about your loved ones’ health and safety. You must keep track of personal care services, occupational or physical therapy, and more. Get to know how the services are provided and know if the patient or your loved one feels comfortable.

Ask the staff to arrange some sessions of exercise, dance, music, crafts, art, and more. This will keep everyone active and engaged.Ensure that staff is taking proper care of patients’ health and taking proper measures to protect them from infections.

Provide your emergency contact information to staff members

There might be times when you need to be contacted or updated about your loved ones’ health or any emergency. You must provide your emergency contact information as this will allow facilities to contact you immediately in case of emergencies. All the nursing facilities provide information on how you can contact your loved ones and keep yourself updated about their health conditions. The information will include the time and visits that outside visitors can do.

The Bottom Line

People who are in nursing facilities want more love and care from their near ones. If you are unable to make a visit, then make sure to implement the above-mentioned tips, as this will make them know that you care. Also, ensure from staff members that safety measures are taken in this pandemic.

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