Maricopa High School Assault Chair Video On Reddit- Is The Student Who Hit The Classmate Arrested? Details Discussed

Recently a video of an excessive schooler assaulting his classmate is viral on Reddit and other social media platforms like Twitter. Was the coed arrested? Will know more about the incident. Just a few days ago, Reddit posted the video named Kid at My school, smashed my friend’s head with a chair in the classroom, and laughed about what was posted by Woodreddit. The video reveals the footage of the excessive schooler assaulting a student and others excessive with a chair. 

Maricopa High School student assault chair video viral On Reddit

In the Maricopa High faculty school, a child assaulted his classmate in the Pc class with a chair at the trainer’s entrance. The video footage of the student abruptly beings the high school scholar swinging down a chair over another student. The chair hit the head of the other children with a loud sound. The whole class gasped in shock, and the trainer told the child to keep the chair down. The chair remained in the head of the other students. The student has, in all probability, it one other time if the trainer is not there and the assailant replies to the video that tells him to move and when the chair remains in his head.

The affected student is down on the desk with his head over it and unconscious afterwards. Then the classmates entranced the downed unconscious scholar and protected his head with their hands. Then again, the top is likely to be the most delicate area in the body, and a tough item hit can depart everlasting injury to the head. Then the trainer tells the student to place the chair down again, however extra forcefully this time. The trainer says that the student grins and also says it is. After one strong shut from the trainer in the classroom pauses for a second, the scholar behind him immediately gets a chair from his hands.     

Is The Student Arrested?

This incident happened in Maricopa high faculty; one among the college students attacked the other in the class. The affected scholar was checked by the Maricopa High faculty and the registered nurse, and they have had an extreme accident like this before. Then the suffered scholar was despatched along with their mother and father. Maricopa Unified School District said that the administration had addressed the incident and that the appropriate disciplinary actions would be taken in the school discipline procedures. Other school district policies and actions will be taken with aggravated assault.   

Who is MHS Student Parents

Most of the students’ parents raised security considerations after the incident happened completed to Maricopa high faculty scholar. The assailant was a classmate who was frightened about their kids’ security within the faculty. The affected student’s parents did not share any information, and also they both did not speak publicly about the young boy’s mistreatment. The Twitter of the college has not said anything about the matter.     

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