Mastering Video Creation Skills with Screen Recording

Needless to say, that video content has already become an integral part of our life: from business and marketing to social media and shopping malls – we can see that type of visual nearly anywhere! And that’s no wonder since video content can benefit from attracting more visitors, improving the communication with your audiences, enhancing the problem explanation and solution, and more.

One of the most popular methods of video content creation is screen recording. In this article, you’ll find out the core usage scopes of this specific type of content and some effective advice on choosing the best screen recorders and making the most out of screen capturing.

The Basic Categories of Screen Recording Videos

If we look closer at the concepts of different screen capturing videos, it becomes obvious that there are several categories where that type of video content can be used. Depending on the specific factors like audience, platform, the main idea of the video, problem and their solution, etc., we can separate the following categories of screen recording content:

How-to Videos and Video Guides

According to recent research, nowadays, over 53% of people reported watching 2+ instructional videos. And this tendency won’t decrease: the Internet has greatly enhanced the accessibility of any information online, so people can easily uncover anything they are curious about at any time and from anywhere.

That is why creating the how-to instructional videos and tutorials will never be out of trend and is a great chance for content creators to share tips hacks, and experiences with others. And, in most cases, a screen recorder is a must-have explanation tool for creating the unique yet catching video content people can make use of.

eLearning Recorded Videos

Another great option of using screen recording video is to employ it in the online learning process! After the pandemic outbreak, the necessity of employing different video software to enhance the educational process is simply a must for any learner. With the feature-rich screen recording software, you can record the online classes, schedule the recordings and keep all the studying material on your device.

The video recording software can also be used for teaching: educators can capture the screen to create different kinds of videos for students, explaining the new material and video presentations, etc. Such a simple yet effective sort of video has already been used for creating various online courses and university programs and is also widely used for the eLearning platforms.

eCommerce Videos

Do you have any product or service and want to present it in the best way? Then, the best way to introduce it to your audience is via visual content creation. A video can be a perfect chance to uncover the product/service characteristics, features, and use cases, as well as present the potential problems it can easily resolve.

In fact, marketers find it really powerful to present the product or service in action to prove its efficiency. That is why now you can find tons of video content talking about:

  • Product/Service details
  • Comparison of the similar products/services, their pros, and cons
  • The brand new products and the case of use studies
  • Testimonials of the products and more

By recording the videos of product reviews, customer feedback, and various usage guides, you can significantly enhance product sales: the more people realize the importance of the product, the more likely they will buy it.

Customer Assistance Videos

Also, recording informative yet useful videos can significantly improve the customer experience. When blogs and articles may not always uncover all the important information, it’s a great chance to deliver all the essentials in video format.

Furthermore, the video content is usually much easier interpreted and understood, which makes it just perfect to explain the common questions regarding the product/service and help your customers to effortlessly get all the knowledge they’re looking for on the Internet.

Social Media Blogging

It’s also a great idea to include the screen recording videos when running the blog on social media. For instance, you can try to record a screen on Mac for the webcam shooting and get all the content for video making already on your computer.

Furthermore, a vlog video can make your content more active and catching, as well as drive more audiences from different platforms. Additionally, you can post these videos on different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more to drive more audiences to your blog.

Recording Your Screen: 6 Simple Steps

If you’re new to the screen recording process and are going to make your first video, here are several simple steps to follow:

  • Consider the type of video you’re going to create: educational, vlog, guide, business, and others. Feel free to use the examples above to find your niche
  • Choose the best screen recording software with all the necessary features you may need in the process. For instance, start with trying the free app recorders like Apowersoft video recorder, Screen Capture by Movavi, or recorder from Icecreamapps, etc. 
  • Set up the recording options you need for video (multiple screens recording, simultaneous recording of computer sounds, webcam, and screen, recording of a specific window, etc.).
  • Record the video material and finalize it with video editing software. Some screen recorders also offer the in-built editing toolbar, which is certainly a great feature for those who want to create high-quality, engaging, yet informative video content. For example, you can cut the most useful parts of your video, add the subtitles and visual effects or upgrade the video with the background music and more.
  • Download the final version or directly upload it to any platform you’re commonly using. Also, don’t forget to inform your audience on social media!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various scopes of using screen recording video content, with each of them having its specific concept and purposes. Whatever sort of video you’re going to make, we can reassure you: it’s certainly worth it!

So, turn on your creativity and start the video-making process right now!

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