New Job Tips to Impress

Looking to impress in your new job – here are some great tips to do so .

1. Managing your workload

One of the most popular tactics you can use when making a strong start is managing your workload, with 27.3% of respondents voting it. You need to make sure you spend the correct amount of time on each task if you want to impress your new employer with your organizational skills.

There are a lot of new duties to pick up when you start a new job. Have a to-do-list where you note down the tasks of the day. This way, you can prioritize the most important ones. If you do this, you are going to effectively manage your workload and you are not going to get behind schedule.

Consider asking your colleagues or boss to help in planning your agenda. Make sure you give enough time to those tasks you are not yet good at. This is going to make a great first impression because it shows your time management skills. Read more about the first week in your new job from Travis Perkins careers.

2. Listening to your colleagues

When you are new to the workplace, a good way to impress is to listen to your colleagues. When you do this, your employer is going to know you are the type of person who takes note of what they are told and acts accordingly.

When your colleague is talking to you, concentrate and listen to what they are saying, especially if they are talking about a task that you or the team needs to do.

When you listen to your colleagues, you show how keen you are to learn more about your role in the workplace.

3. Being sociable

Once you start a new job, you should become sociable with your colleagues so you can impress and bond with them.

The best time to get to know your colleague better is during the lunch break. If you meet someone you haven’t met before, introduce yourself because it shows your personable side. If there are any social events at your job, make sure you attend as many as possible.

Your employer is going to notice your confidence in the new environment. This is good because you are going the extra mile to socialize and learn as much as possible about the company. This is going to impress your boss and your colleagues.

Helping your colleagues with their work is a good way of being sociable and showing off your teamwork skills. Many people help their colleagues to impress their new employer, and it works.

4. Mirroring your colleagues

Mirroring your colleagues is another good option for impressing your new employer. You should mirror how they conduct themselves at the workplace.

Take some time to observe how colleagues talk and interact with each other and gauging the atmosphere at the workplace. When you do this, you are going to determine the etiquette for most things, from arranging meetings to sending emails.

When you notice how your colleagues behave and doing the same, you are going to impress and create a good reputation, because you are going to adhere to the company culture.

5. Taking notes

There is a good chance you know about drowning in notes when you are a newcomer. If you want to shine at your new job, take notes. This might feel laborious, but it will go a long way in helping you in your new workplace.

Note down computer processes and login details you need when working. This is even more important if you are working in an industry that involves the use of computer programs. Taking notes is going to come in handy because it will help in many aspects of your job. You can use it to remember names.

You will impress your boss and colleagues when you note down everything because it shows you are prepared to take in new information. This will help you avoid a scenario where you ask your colleague the same thing for the fourth time.

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