The human body consists of cells of different types and functions. These cells of muscles, bones, skin etc. expire and get damaged over time. An external source of energy is required to build new cells and replace older ones. Proteins constitute the significant portion of that energy needed for the building of a new cell.

Protein-based food items include animal meat and milk products. But these are also high in fats and carbs that result in increased weight gain. But, plant based protein is a robust alternative to these animal-based products. The plant-based protein sources are low in carbs and fats yet, high in digestive protein content. To start your busy day with a plant-based protein breakfast surprisingly gives you an energy boost while also promoting weight loss. A plant-based breakfast packed with nutrients will give you all-natural energy without getting the sugar crash

Vegan Diet Protein

The production of animal meat and dairy products involves massive greenhouse gas production in farms and dairies. A diet solely based on animal products encourages the same catastrophic effect in the atmosphere. When this is compared to a vegan diet, consisting exclusively of plant-based products, the latter produces minimal greenhouse gasses. Thus, this a planet-friendly choice to make.

Plant-Based Protein

Vegan bars with dried fruits and nuts please the taste buds. Sometimes, food alone is not able to provide bodies with required amounts of protein. Therefore, protein supplements, both solid and powder forms, are prescribed by the physician and sought after by athletes and bodybuilders.

For faster and easier consumption and absorption of proteins, powdered forms of the following are preferred. The cleanest vegan protein powders are light in the stomach and impart the feeling of fullness to the consumer for more extended periods. It also reduces food cravings, accelerating weight loss with these balanced supplements.

1. Chia seeds and pea powder, are excellent sources of protein, antioxidants, extracted from the concerned plants. Chia is collected from a flowering plant while the pea grows in pods. These are then powdered in machines and compete with the egg yolk regarding the high protein content in them.

2. One can also consume hemp seeds and powders, along with salads and cooked cuisines. They too meet the demand for protein in the human body.

3. Tofu made after coagulating soy milk, along with the soy ball powder is rich in protein, ready for consumption. This vegan eatable is popular amongst protein hunters as an alternative to dairy milk.

4. For a long time, people have been using brown rice powder as a protein source too. This product of wheat stalks makes them a healthy choice amongst health-conscious individuals.

5. Quinoa, a flowering plant whose seeds are used to make food products, is a good supplement for protein, fibre and vitamin requirements.

6. Oats in the dry version from its plant has protein boosters, fibre and nutrition that keeps the consumer full for hours after consumption.

7. Lentils are another group of seeds that grow in pods. These are a great source of protein and iron. One can consider to be an antidote for many kinds of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

The list of vegan protein boasters goes on and on. Powders, energy bars and other forms of protein supplements make sure this life-supporting component is gifted to the body.


To live a healthy life on a healthy diet in the competitive world is a challenge. But, taking protein supplements which are plant-based is beneficial for the planets and reduces the scope for animal cruelty. The plant-based protein supplements help reduce weight and lessen the dependence on meat and dairy products for protein-packed food intake.

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